Thomas Jefferson

"We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude...If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements...if we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."--Thomas Jefferson

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. "
--John Quincy Adams
US diplomat & politician (1767 - 1848)

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”
-James Madison at the Virginia Ratification Debates
"With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators."

- James Madison's Letter to James Robertson, April 20, 1831

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Nigerian Terrorist: Another Obama Failure


The terrorist act--yes it was a TERRORIST attack not a "man caused disaster" that the silver haired gorilla DHS Seccretary Janet Napolitano likes to call these events-- is yet another symptom of the weakness of Barry Obama. The fact is that these animals are completely fired up and feeling powerful again because of the weakness and appeasement that Obama shows in dealing with these events. He will treat is as another law enforcement issue instead of an act of war as it should be. They will treat it as a bureaucratic breakdown and will provide simple lip service, conduct endless press briefings and hearings in Congress all to make us feel like he is actually doing anything about it. All the while the terrorists continue to laugh and scheme for their next attack. Just read the news and intelligence coming out of Yemen--the al-Qaeda camp where this thug trained says they have 300 more of these terrorists ready to go and strike. Does anyone have any reason to believe they are not being truthful??

And on top of that, Obama and co-America hater Attorney General Eric Holder announced they are declassifying millions of more previously classified documents to the public. This will absolutely make us less safe as the last time this was done to this degree we know the terrorists overseas accessed the information to gather and plan future operations. Again, it shows the utter incompetence and/or disdain for America that B.O., Holder and the rest have for all of us and the safety of our country.

And speaking of incompetence, the aforementioned Janet Napolitano should resign immediately for her utter lack of understanding of this event. In fact she went on the TV shows following the event and told all of us the "system worked as it should have." Really?? Well I guess if you want to allow a suspected terrorist on an American flight and then was counting on passengers to subdue the guy when he tries to blow the plane up then the system worked fine. But excuse me, I thought that was YOUR job madame secretary?? You are after all the head of Homeland Security which INCLUDES the TSA. She of course has tried to back off those statements since then but it is laughable because again she oozes incompetence. Napolitano is as unqualified for her position as Obama is to be President. Oh but don't worry, she is on the case when it comes to classifying and issuing reports about home grown "right wing" extremists here. You know, the crazies that love their country, believe in God, own guns, and may have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on their car.

They both have a total lack of understanding of their jobs that may ultimately lead to the the deaths of innocent Americans as we continue to reset to a pre-9/11 mentality.

By the way, I thought that the terrorists would love us after the Messiah Obama was elected and went overseas apologizing for America?? How's that hope and change working out for ya??

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Obama-nomics: The New Mediocre

I was watching the local Connecticut version of C-Span today. They had a spokesman from the CT Dept. Labor on there explaining to the state reps that the State of CT would be over $100,000,000 in debt to the Feds by early next year for taking out loans to prop up the state's unemployment benefits roles. The rep explained also that there is no end in sight for this debt as unemployment was not expected to fall in 2010, and in fact it would keep rising. Hmm, I thought the Obama Labor Dept told us that the recession was over and jobs would be coming by Spring?? Just another Obama lie...

But wait, it gets even uglier. The spokesman also said that by Federal law, any state that has unpaid loans to the Feds 2 years in a row is mandated to raise its unemployment tax on employers in the state by 0.3% and the Feds would also raise it an additional 0.3%! And/or they would need the Feds (that means taxpayers in other states) to "forgive" the debt or a portion thereof. Hmm, I wonder if I call Tiny Tim Tax Cheat Geithner and asked him if the IRS would forgive my tax debt this year what he would say? Could one of you genius liberals out there explain to me how an economy will ever be able to recover with this vicious cycle in place??

If you allow that to happen, the situation will only get worse and would resemble a snow ball rolling down a hill. As it continues down, it picks up speed and gets ever bigger and harder to stop in its tracks until it crashes at the bottom and takes everything out with it. That is what we face here in CT, 24 other states, and the US Virgin Islands. (why we are giving money to a non-state for its unemployment pool seems wrong to but that's for another time!).

Businesses cannot and will not absorb these increases. Why do you think they continue to move to more business friendly states and countries? Why do you think they continue to lay people off or at least freeze hiring?? Why do you think they cannot give raises or other benefits to their employees? Is it because they are greedy, nasty Capitalists or is it because they have their own economic survival at stake and will do whatever they need to make sure that happens--just as you hopefully would in your own financial life.

But this continual shake down of the producers and wealth creators in this country continues unabashed and the train is being led by Barry Obama and the rest of the libs both at the state and Federal levels right off the economic cliff. B.O. has definitely lowered the bar and lowered expectations. Mediocre is now considered "stable and satisfactory" after all, we all need to contribute to the "greater good" and shun our own interests and successes so that we can, as Barry said, "hitch our wagons to something bigger than ourselves." The bar is being lowered everyday my friends. After all, the White House is high-fiving each other when the unemployment numbers come in at only 10% vs. 10.2%. This is considered an improvement and don't worry 'cuz Barry keeps telling us--the jobs are just around the corner!

I have no real gripe with people that have worked hard and paid into a system for many years that now, from no fault of their own, find themselves in a position where they need to collect these benefits. That is the system that has been put into place and until we change it, that is the system we live--and die--by. My gripe, which is so simple but yet never talked about, is that if we had a true market based economy, republican style of government as our Founders envisioned, and true pro-business (ALL size businesses) policies in place and a massive reduction in taxes that we would have MUCH less need for the size and scope of government and therefore states would not have to pay crushing salaries, benefits, and pensions for legions of workers being funded by tax payers. Taxpayers would have more money in their own pockets to live with, prosper, and grow their own personal economy and family and wouldn't have a need for government hand outs. Untold millions and billions of dollars could be saved by eliminating the majority of the bureucrats and the agencies they run that suck up our money like a dry sponge being place in a pan of water. The TRULY needy amongst us would be easily helped and supported by both private citizens and, when only absolutely necessary, by government. Again, it's the snow ball down the hill analogy.

But alas, this is the true crux of the problem--governments at any level rarely do with less and when they do, it is only a token gesture. They only continue to grow and consume. This eats up more and more of our GDP and personal wealth and becomes the vicious cycle I mentioned earlier.

And unfortunately, this is the exact desire and plan of Barry Obama and the rest of the liberals. To exponentially grow the size and scope of the government and make as many people dependent on it as possible. Fund the beast by pick-pocketing the nameless and faceless business owner and taxpayer, laundering it through the government inefficiency machine then dolling it out and saying "see, we care about you--look what we are doing for you." But what will happen when there is no wealth or producers left to take from? Where will you get it then? What will be the end result? Here's a hint, take whatever money you have left, buy some gold and silver and then use the rest to buy the Chinese version of that Rosetta Stone language software you see at the mall kiosk.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If It's a War You Want...

The left wing Marxists in this country and the Congress—otherwise known as Democrats—are giddy with glee that they are on the cusp of passing the Senate version of the freedom killing, liberty destroying, Constitution shredding and clearly illegal so-called Health Care bill.

They are going to force Americans at the point of the government’s gun to purchase a product whether they want it or not as a condition of our freedom and citizenship. It is an absolute outrage. They are making deals with YOUR money and futures’ and are laughing all the while at our screaming at them to stop. Polls means nothing to them, it is all about their power and control.

As Iowa Communist Senator Tom Harkin has admitted, this bill is simply the Trojan Horse and a down-payment on a single payer health care. Here are his words on this issue:

“I am a strong supporter of a public option, remain so, and I believe that sometime in the near future we will revisit that issue again and we will adopt a public option. It's not gonna probably happen on this bill because we need the votes to get the big things through, Maggie. It's -- we have to keep our eye on what we're trying to do here. We're trying to cross a demarcation line, this is the way I put it. On one side is health care as a privilege, on the other side is health care as a right. With these votes, with the vote that we'll take before Christmas, we will cross that line finally and say that health care is a right of all Americans. I know a lot of my progressive friends have been upset that certain things weren't in it. What we're building here is not a mansion. It's starter home. But it's got a great foundation. We're expanding health care coverage to 31 million Americans. It's got a great protective roof, and it has room for expansion and additions in the future. But if we don't start the starter home, we'll never get there. So this is not the end of health care reform. This is the beginning of health care reform.”

So all you puke liberals out there who insist that this won’t be a total takeover of healthcare by the government at some point down the road, a member of your own anti-American party betrays you as Judas betrayed Jesus. (sorry liberals, I may have to explain who Jesus is at a later date since you worship only at the altar of big government and not God).

And the most dangerous man in the Obama administration, David Axelrod, is out pimping corporate fascism by saying that the government will be able to dictate and control insurance company costs, executive pay, and lower shareholder dividends!! This is illegal and PURE fascism—that is a private company being completely dictated to by the government. Remember, these companies have not taken government bail out money so how can they do this? Answer: They cannot legally but they will try…

Think abortion will not be covered in this bill?? Think again! The pro-baby killing lobby will not let that happen and sell outs like Ben Nelson will seal that deal. Want more proof? Here is the Secretary of Health and Human Services and a champion of the pro-baby killer lobby (ie –Dr. George Tiller—rest in Hell) on here expectations of “women’s health care” spending in the bill: Click Here to View Sebelius

We will see probably dozens of illegal and unfair items in this monstrosity over the coming weeks as the bill is examined more and broken down. This is just the beginning. For instance, all you under 25 brain dead Obama zombies who think the Messiah is so wonderful, the joke will be on you! Under this bill, the younger you are, the more you will have to pay for your government mandated insurance. In fact, the average young person who is ALREADY paying premiums will see their premiums rise by on average 178%!! Hey thanks a lot for that subsidy you ignorant, uninformed leftist twerp! How’s that liberal brain washing and indoctrination working out for ya now??

The bottom line is that there is a revolution brewing in this country. The producers (those of us who work and pay taxes and employ you leftist ingrates) are being looked at as a never ending source of revenue and belittled as greedy and selfish when we say STOP and want to reverse this beast known as the federal government. We are now considered an after thought and second class citizens by the left wing politicians. Never before have the people that pay the salaries of these Socialists being ignored by these same people. We pay their salaries, but they are working for the people that do not.

This is not the time to be nice and gracious. We must call these people out for what they are: anti-American, unconstitutional, slimes that must be defeated and stopped at all costs. You cannot reason with or give them an inch on this. We may have already slipped to far down the slope to stop our slide into obscurity but we must fight tooth and nail to stop the evil plans that liberals have for all of us.

The final word: If you want a war, liberals, a war you will get!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ben Nelson, (D-NB). Just the Latest American Sellout

In the tradition of his colleague, Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Senator Ben Nelson has sold his country, his principles (if he had any to begin with--he is a liberal after all!) , and all the future generations of Americans that would have to pay for the monstrous government takeover of health care that the bill he is supporting would ultimately create. How did he come to support it??

Well first of all, he was going to support it all along. The showmanship of resisting it as the "rebel" from Nebraska, the so-called "moderate" Democrat is all just that--showmanship and theatre. Nelson supposedly was holding out for a change in the bill to "guarantee" that the bill would allow states to make their own rules regarding paying for abortions or not under this plan. So his ass buddy Harry Reid inserted this provision to gain his support as the all powerful 60th vote to shut off a Republican filibuster and he says he will vote for it now. He of course is saying that if the conference bill that the House and Senate must work out after passage in the Senate again contains abortion funding mandated by the Feds, that he "reserves the right" to vote against the final bill.

And to add the cherry on the sundae, the true reason Nelson is supporting the bill from Fox "But Nelson also won several other concessions, most notably a commitment from the federal government to fully fund his state's expanded Medicaid population. All states get full federal assistance for the first three years of the bill -- but Nebraska would be the only state getting full assistance afterward. One Democratic official put the cost to the federal government at $45 million over a decade. "
What an absolute joke and disgrace this guy is!!

Does anyone have any confidence that he would vote against it?? How 'bout NO!! Of course he will because he is just another Marxist/Socialist out to secure the power and control for himself and the rest of the Marxists in Washington over you and I. That includes the so-called independent Joe Lieberman from my state of Connecticut who voted for this mess after the "public option" was taken off the table. Like the abortion language, do you have doubt that the public option will be back sometime down the road?? Put money on it!

And don't think for a minute that the abortion mandate won't be put back in down the road after the final bill is passed by future legislation. The radical baby killing left wouldn't ever tolerate it any other way...And the abortion restrictions he did get concessions on are weak at best and do very little to support a true pro-life position. If you want to tell Nelson what you think about his sell out position, here is his contact form posted on his Senate website:

Again, Nelson is a phony and could care less about integrity and morals. He is simply another pro-government leftist hell bent on converting the greatest nation in the world into just another Socialist, European style pathetic, weak country made frozen and impotent by its own crushing regulations and debt that their policies have created. God help us all...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three of World's Evils: Obama, Abortion, and Debt

Hey have you heard about the latest marketing tactic by the pro-baby killing industry?? This lovely video was put out by Northland Family Planning Centers in Michigan. Their gentle and kind commercial video featuring an intelligent sounding woman (no doubt an Obama supporter) praising the baby killers in their centers as doing “sacred work”! How despicable these people are. Oh, and I forgot the best part. If you go to their website you can print out a $10 internet coupon good on your next abortion!! Oh yippee, now you can have your abortion, then take the $10 and go buy yourself a couple of bottles of Colt 45, get completely hammered, have sex, get pregnant again, then go back for another abortion. Don’t forget to reprint your coupon!! You gotta keep those centers in business after all because it is about the only commerce going on in the state of Michigan these days anyways under liberal rule.

Thanks to Andrew Wilkow for bringing this gem to light!!

In other liberal/communist news, the Marxists in Washington are planning on a vote to raise the debt ceiling JUST FOR THIS YEAR ONLY by a mere $1.8 TRILLION dollars next week. They figure they can attach it to another spending bill or slip it in under cover of night while no one is looking. And of course, what do Democrats say about this?? Well the esteemed Communist from Maryland, Steny hoyer says we racked up this debt and now we have to pay the bills. WRONG CONGRESSMAN!! You America hating Marxists bastards ran up this debt (and continue to do so more every day) but it is US and our children for generations to come that will pay the bills!! So while we continue to be lectured that we have to cut back in our lives, these people continue to rack up tens of trillions of dollars on our national credit card. And they are just getting my friends as universal healthcare and Cap-and-Trade are just around the corner!!
These people will not stop and, like a drug addict, they will keep coming back for more and more of our treasure. WE MUST CUT OFF THEIR SUPPLY AND STOP BEING THEIR “DEALER”! Americans I believe are starting to come around to the fact that these people must be stopped by whatever means necessary before they doom us all—if it isn’t already to late…
As I have said, the scums in Washington will never do with less, but they will ALWAYS expect you to do with less and you are forced to comply with their confiscation of your wealth and freedoms at the barrel of the IRS’s gun! It never even crosses their mind to cut government spending because it is the ultimate source of their power. They will not give it up willingly so we must be prepared to take it from them. This is OUR country, NOT theirs!

And finally, the King of the World, Barack Hussein Obama (MMM, MMM, MMM) received his laughable Nobel Peace Prize today. He gave another boring and uninspiring speech and once again proved how incompetent, weak, and wrong he is in both his grasp of World History and the role that United States has played and must play in the future to truly be the greatest country on Earth. But the best image of this was the picture of Obama and Michelle waving to the adoring crowds from behind a bullet proof glass in Oslo. They were the picture perfect example of the danger of Obama—an incredible narcissist couple that clearly picture themselves as rulers of the world and above all the peon citizens below them. Classic dictators who have bought into their own hype and image of themselves as they are embraced by European Socialists in Norway and join the company of other recent past Peace Prize "winners" such as Al Gore , Yasser Arafat, and Jimmy Carter!

Coming soon—updates on the EPA, Cap and Trade, Copenhagen sell out, and the latest on the Health Care Fraud bill.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Man Made Global Warming: The Next One World Government Scam Exposed

Logical, informed people have known since this topic was created by one world, anti capitalist Marxists like Barack Obama, Al Gore, and every Socialist dictator around the world that the idea of man made global warming is a hoax and fraud with the sole intention of capturing power and bleeding money out of Americans through a legally binding treaty like Copenhagen and Kyoto. And like other big government programs, such as health care reform, it is NEVER about the actual topic stated but rather another excuse to create massive bureaucracy and taxation to control your life. And global warming is the ultimate planet wide scheme and con. Again, all you need to do is look at the people that are supporting such rules and promoting such legislation here and internationally and you will see it as clear as day.

Barack Obama will be making at least a cameo appearance at Copenhagen next month and threatening to enslave Americans into this scary Communist environmental utopia. Cons like Copenhagen along with his obvious scheme of taking down both the US and world economies and currencies and rebuilding a new world order are both means to this end. Here is great brief video from a leading expert regarding the dangers of Copenhagen:
These madmen MUST and WILL be stopped!!

But there are huge cracks in this con that are beginning to show, although if you only watch or listen to the liberal media (particularly NBC/MSNBC who is owned by GE and stands to make BILLIONS off of “green” technology) you probably wouldn’t have heard anything about what has been uncovered as the latest dagger in the climate-whackos’ plans for us.
Here is a great article that summarizes the damning information that the one-world environmentalist nut jobs are panicking about.

And a great blog posting with links to more of these damning emails exposing the true intentions and motivations of these poeple:

This information is deadly to these people and this will no doubt expose them for what they are. However, don’t expect them to go quietly into the night and dust bin of history. There is to much power and money at stake both in our own Congress and in other world bodies such as the United Nations who is probably the leading force behind this movement and fixing of data, and minimizing the voices of those scientists (which numbers in the thousands and increasing all the time) who have debunked this fraud for what it is and also in so-called think-tanks and other left wing radical associations that use the cover of a non-profit or otherwise to bilk billions out of us to justify their own means and existence.
Here are a couple of other good sources for the real climate story:

Suppression of evidence is not new…this past Spring the EPA did their share of suppressing information to Congress:

Here is the actual report:

Congress did request info from the EPA, on this matter, the last I knew they were still stonewalling Congress.
Just how well is the Administration doing on land and off-shore leases?
The Institute for Energy Research Link, explaining the new record broken by the current administration:

The 4 charts bring the picture home.

We need to highlight the above articles and issues with our State and Federal legislators. The breaks need to be applied to any more legislation that is based on the unproven science that man is causing the earth to heat up. We need to have our own energy resources unlocked…now.

As I have said in previous postings, the whole notion that man can actually alter the climate is laughable; Computer models are created by man and therefore are subject to whatever shortcomings of formula and data that are fed into a weather model and of course are manipulated to gain whatever outcome the researcher wishes to find. Heck our own local weather guys have a hard time getting a forecast right for the next week and we are supposed to believe them when they try to say that man is heating up the atmosphere and what that will do to us 50 or 100 years down the road?? Give me a break! These are the same people that in the 1970’s were warning us of global COOLING and another ice age was approaching. That didn’t pan out for them so now they have turned 180 degrees to warming and now that theory is being exposed and debunked.

Does the atmosphere change and the Earth cool and heat in cycles?? ABSOLUTLEY! It has been doing so for BILLIONS of years and will continue to as long as Earth exists. Oh and by the way, there is giant fire ball 93 million miles out in space (I think it is called the Sun) that will determine our fate and climate conditions through sun spot cycles and not the Hummer or power plant up the road. Man has no effect on that and our own bloated ego and self-importance of ourselves think that our existence, which is a mere blink of eye-moment in time, on this planet is anything more than inconsequential proves how bloated our own egos are. Humans effect on this planet can be equated to the effect of a single fly on the back of an elephant—nothing more than a brief nuisance that one day will be cast off and forgotten about.

If anything, we are probably heading to at least a mini-ice age in the not to distant future. So instead of worrying about warming the planet, we had better figure out how to stay warm in the future and provide enough food and growing sources for everyone as the cold and ice begins to advance and limits growing seasons and land space for doing so. Anti-humanity haters and Marxists like Obama and liberals in general, don’t want us exploring for more energy sources and being self reliant because this would take away their chance for power, control, and ultimate taxation and enslavement into a scheme which will solidify their power internationally. This of course is exactly the point and purpose of the environmental movement.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Blood of Tyrants...

"God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, & always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independent 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure."-Thomas Jefferson, 1787

…And the Democrats running Congress are quickly becoming tyrants my friends!!

In the most recently cowardly act, the Senate voted tonite to advance the so-called health reform bill to debate. This vote of course was strictly on party line, 60-39.

Make no mistake, this was a predetermined outcome and, unfortunately for our country, it will ultimately pass out of the Senate and sometime down the road into law. The turncoat senators who voted simply to advance the bill know this. Once you open that door, it is only a quick trip to final passage in a super-majority Senate. Even if those turncoats like Mary Landrieu of LA, Blanche Lincoln of AK or Ben Nelson of NE don’t end up supporting the final bill, Harry Reid will simply invoke the “reconciliation” rule and pass the bill with only a simple majority—with Joe “plugs” Biden breaking a tie if needed.

Disgrace, back room corrupt deals were made to buy voted for Harry Reid. The most blatant that has come to light was that of Mary “baby fat” Landrieu of LA who will get $100 Million dollars of YOUR (and your children’s) money and treasure to gain her support for this bill. Here is the offending legal-ease jibberish that bought off this Marrxist:
Section 1905 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396d), as amended by sections 2001(a)(3) and2001(b)(2), is amended— (1) in subsection (b), in the first sentence, by striking ‘‘subsection (y)’’ and inserting ‘‘subsections (y) and (aa)’’; and (2) by adding at the end the following new subsection:‘‘(aa)(1) Notwithstanding subsection (b), beginning January 1, 2011, the Federal medical assistance percentage for a fiscal year for a disaster-recovery FMAP adjustment State shall be equal to the following:‘(A) In the case of the first fiscal year (or part of a fiscal year) for which this subsection applies to the State, the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the fiscal year without regard to this subsection and subsection (y), increased by 50 percent of the number of percentage points by which the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the fiscal year without regard to this subsection and subsection (y), is less than the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the preceding fiscal year after the application of only subsection (a) of section 5001 of Public Law 111–5 (if applicable to the preceding fiscal year) and without regard to this subsection, subsection (y), and subsections (b) and (c) of section 5001 of Public Law 111–5.
‘‘(B) In the case of the second or any succeeding fiscal year for which this subsection applies to the State, the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the preceding fiscal year under this subsection for the State, increased by 25 percent of the number of percentage points by which the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the fiscal year without regard to this subsection and subsection (y), is less than the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the preceding fiscal year under this subsection.
‘‘(2) In this subsection, the term ‘disaster-recovery FMAP adjustment State’ means a State that is one ofthe 50 States or the District of Columbia, for which, at any time during the preceding 7 fiscal years, the President has declared a major disaster under section 401 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and determined as a result of such disaster that every county or parish in the State warrant individual and public assistance or public assistance from the Federal Government under such Act and for which— ‘‘(A) in the case of the first fiscal year (or part of a fiscal year) for which this subsection applies to the State, the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the fiscal year without regard to this subsection and subsection (y), is less than the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the preceding fiscal year after the application of only subsection (a) of section 5001 of Public Law 111–5 (if applicable to the preceding fiscal year) and without regard to this subsection, subsection (y), and subsections (b) and (c) of section 5001 of Public Law 111–5, by at least 3 percentage points; and ‘‘(B) in the case of the second or any succeeding fiscal year for which this subsection applies to the State, the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the fiscal year without regard to this subsection and subsection (y), is less than the Federal medical assistance percentage determined for the State for the preceding fiscal year under this subsection by at least 3 percentage points.
‘‘(3) The Federal medical assistance percentage determined for a disaster-recovery FMAP adjustment State under paragraph (1) shall apply for purposes of this title (other than with respect to disproportionate share hospital payments described in section 1923 and payments under this title that are based on the enhanced FMAP described in 2105(b)) and shall not apply with respect to payments under title IV (other than under part E of title IV) or payments under title XXI.’’.
Miss Landrieu is of course just another anti-Constitutional, anti-American, anti-free market statist who will sell out the future of her country for her own power and position in Washington. This IS the reason; there is no other explanation for such a despicable display of ignorance for our Constitution. She will also ultimately vote for whatever monstrosity final bill is put out by Harry Reid and Obama. Harry Reid has just given her cover for now and she is making excuses for the disdain she has for the people she supposedly represents.
And Harry Reid, there are few words that can be used to describe this sad excuse of a man. Mr. Reid went as far tonite as comparing the importance of this bill to the debate that ended slavery and gave women the right to vote among others. Mr. Reid is facing a disastrous reelection bid in his state and he is bound to destroy our Republic and institutions before he is thrown out of office next year.
As Conservatives, we must commit and follow through in not only telling these turncoats that we object to what they are doing but that we will work to defeat them and financially support true Conservative candidates wherever they are. WE MUST FOLLOW THROUGH IN THIS ENDEAVOR!!.
And remember, do NOT try and debate the costs and emotional ploy that liberal Marxists will try to use to justify their evil intentions, but instead simply remind them that this is an usurpation of their power and is clearly illegal and un-Constitutional and for that reason alone must be rejected.
The alternatives to not beating this or those that must be employed if they do not listen are not desired but must be reserved as a right and obligation as active citizens of this country. If not, as UK Telegraph writer Gerald Warner said: "this will all end in tears."
These are indeed frightening and troubling times on so many fronts in this country. Although I am confident that Americans one day will recognize the danger that socialist liberals and big government policies pose to our country, I am not nearly as confident that most will recognize it in time or be willing to do what is required to stop and reverse it.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.
God Bless America! (while we still have it!)

Friday, November 13, 2009


( Image at Left: Courtesy of Fox

Isn't this picture so appropriate for who the real Obama is??


I am beginning to run out of phrases to describe the unbelievable thoughts, actions, and policies of this President and the henchmen, like Eric Holder, that he surrounds himself with.

As a side note, if you voted for Obama, and especially if you still support this communist at this point, then YOU are responsible for putting this Maoist in office and should be immediately shown the door out of our country as you are participating in the demise of this once great nation.

How’s that Hope and Change working out for you???

The latest 2 examples: Further dithering on Afghanistan and bringing 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Islamic murdering radicals to civilian court in New York!

Let’s start with KSM:

This is the most disgraceful cowardly act yet by our anti-American, anti-freedom loving President. He is an absolute disgrace and it pains me greatly that this man occupies the same oval office that many of our Founding Fathers have and is the ultimate slap in the face of the 9/11 families that suffered the loss of their loved ones from these animals and butchers like KSM who instead should have been immediately executed as soon as they confessed and their request to be martyred should have been immediately granted!

In the ultimate payback to the America hating people he surrounds himself with and clearly agrees with, Obama and Holder have announced that KSM and other 9/11 conspirators will be brought to American civil courts and tried just a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center they brought down. This scum will be given all the protection of our legal system, access to left wing lawyers, and the bill will be sent to YOU, the American people! And don’t be surprised if some left wing lawyer tries to get them off entirely on some technicality or violation.

Actually, that might not be a bad thing because as soon they are set free, the real patriots in this country will “take care of them” the way they should have been in the first place!

These monsters are NOT criminals! They are murderous, Islamic thugs and enemy combatants and should be treated that way! Go ahead and “torture” away baby! Whatever you gotta do to get the information from these low lives’s and protect our citizens!

Oh and by the way, Obama being the fraud and coward he is, is hiding out like a little child in Japan right now (selling out the remainder of our financial system).and letting Eric Holder do his dirty work in making this abominable announcement today.

Let us also remember that Eric Holder is the same guy who pardoned the FALN terrorists at the end of the Clinton administration so this guy is also a lover of terrorist rights as he was a senior partner at a law firm that frequently defended terrorists and helped them beat charges. He is another rabid anti-patriot like Obama.

This will be the ultimate circus and show trial and regardless of the outcome, will mean further weakening of our National Security and will all but guarantee future terrorist attacks on our soil.

So why would they do this?? Simple. It is payback to the extreme left in this country and around the world. This trial will force the disclosure of national security secrets that have kept us safe and will devastate what little morale our CIA, FBI, and military have left and turned over to America’s enemies via the ACLU and other anti-American forces. By exposing this classified information, left wing world courts will have the ammunition they need to go after Bush era policies (and maybe Bush himself!) so they can embarrass and possibly go to trial to take down the remaining anti-terrorist policies we have in place to help keep us safe.

The United States Congress needs to stand up and put a stop to this show trial and these mad men now and tell them NO!! They are out of control and they must be stopped or we will all pay the price for their radical views. And if judges stand with the terrorists, they should be immediately impeached and removed from their positions—this includes the Supreme Court as they have previously decided, and therefore gave cover to people like Obama, that these animals have rights and protections in our courts.


In the shadow of the Fort Hood terrorist attack (and yes, it was terrorism!), Obama has decided to reject any and all of the suggestions given to him by his military advisers on the way forward in Afghanistan and instead has put off the decision for several more weeks as he has told his advisers that they need to start over again. Unbelievable!!

This puke coward and sorry excuse for a man said that he is doing it to protect our troops and avoid spending millions of dollars “unnecessarily”. B.S.!!

First of all, if he cared a damn about our troops he would have given the generals (you know, the ones that are the actual military people) what they needed right away to give real cover and resources to the troops and then work on the strategy later!

And second, we are to believe a “Man” that has put us trillions of more dollars into debt (and adding more every day) when he says he doesn’t want to spend money unless we have to? That statement simply reflects the priorities of this sorry excuse for a President. He loathes the military and will cut them whenever he feels like it, yet he will spend trillions of dollars and the treasure of multiple generations on more government hand outs and entitlements without batting an eye. This of course is the TRUE reason he will not send the troops as requested. Because he wants to spend the money on vote buying and pet projects here and because he needs the support of his left wing kook base as he tries to ram nationalized health care down our throats.

Hey, Barry! Support our troops now or bring them home NOW! That is if you can bring yourself away from the shadow of your heroes and mentors, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Saul Alinsky (and countless others!) for a few minutes and understand they need a real Commander in Chief!

As their morale continues to sink on the battlefield because they know not what their mission or goal is supposed to be anymore and because they know their President doesn’t care about their safety, security, or victory for their mission I fear the casualties will increase and the boldness and confidence of our enemies will as well.

The blood of the victims of 9/11 and our soldiers will be on your hands Mr. President.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tragedy at Fort Hood and Bigger Tragedy in the Oval Office!

Explain to us Barrack Hussein Obama how a jihadi infiltrated the US Army and killed a dozen soldiers after yelling "Allah Akbar" before he started shooting? How many more are there in our midst? TELL ME WHY IT TOOK YOU 2 MINUTES AT A PRESS CONFERENCE BEFORE YOU EVEN MENTIONED IT!! NO INSTEAD, YOU GAVE HIGH FIVES AND SHOUT OUTS TO THE USELESS BUREAUCRATS AND FELLOW SOCIALISTS AT A MEETING THAT I HAVE NO DOUBT WAS HELD TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO STEAL MORE MONEY FROM US.


Tell me why again we need to be tolerant to a religion that is diametrically opposed to our society and history?

Maybe because he doesn't really care or doesn't see a problem with it?? Maybe he agrees with the sentiment of the murderer that committed these acts as he has been raised to believe and think? Maybe, because like most Marxists, he despises the military and their traditions? All of the above I am sure...

Hmm, maybe if it were community organizers that were shot, he would have shown a little more urgency and compassion.

But don't worry because Barry will tell us that it must be America's fault and that if we would only understand them we could get along...I hear another "Apologizing for America" tour is being planned right now!! What a despicable disgrace this president is! He is NO leader--he is a gutless, American hating Marxist that disdains the military and America's greatness and traditions--PERIOD!


Gutless Liberals and Failed Policies Continue to Take America Down--As Planned!

Did you notice the unemployment rate hit 10.2% today and the economy lost another 190,000 jobs?? Way to go Barack Hussein Obama! You must be breaking out the champagne early this morning at the White House with those trolls Gibbs, Axelrod, and Emanuel. Don't you Marxists dare try to blame this on George Bush or anyone else--THIS IS YOUR ECONOMY AND YOUR FAULT! That is why you lost so many elections on Tuesday. You are just lucky that there were only a few seats up for grabs so the anger and displeasure of the American people had only a few outlets. But 2010 will be here soon and you will fell the full fury of people who are sick and tired of the "change" you have brought and the "do over" that will play out by the people who mistakenly supported your candidates and their policies.

How's that Hope and Change working out for ya??

Heck, Doug Hoffman was a virtual unknown and had single digit polling numbers against the she man Dede Scozzafava--the ultimate RINO and true liberal in upstate New York. Here was an ordinary guy--an accountant with admittedly little charisma and public speaking prowess-- who got 46% of the vote in that district and ran as a Conservative! The Democrat who won is a lame duck already and can only serve one year before having to run again and I believe the he will be thrown out next year.

And now Nancy Pelosi--the Speaker from the cesspool of San Francisco-- has withdrawn her pledge to post the House abomination (or should I say "abortion" as they will skyrocket under this bill) health care bill on line for 72 hours before a vote takes place--which may come as early as tomorrow! This woman is sickening and purely evil--just as all liberals in the Congress and White House are. How dare you try to ram this disgrace down our throat before anyone has a real chance at examining its implications. A bill this size and weight should be debated for at least weeks if not months due to the enormity of it. But it is obvious why they won't--they need to ram it through before anyone has a chance to fully vet it out although much has come out already and NONE of its good!

How's that Hope and Change working out for ya?

Revolution is afoot my friends and these Marxists will pay the price for their blatant disregard for the Constitution and personal liberty and freedom that they have bartered away in back room deals and arm twisting, treating you and I as simple farm animals to be traded and stolen from. But unlike the farm animals, most of us are waking up to the fact that we are being lead to the slaughter house--and believe me we WON'T go there!

How's that Hope and Change working out for ya??

My right to freedom includes my right to be free from you--you leftist pukes!

Friday, October 30, 2009


This abomination of the left MUST be stopped now!!!!!!!! You can start by going to Washington DC on Thursday November 5 at noon time and march on the Congress to stop this thing dead in it's tracks!!

And take note you free market hating liberals in Congress--if you support and vote for this disaster you will be held accountable and will pay the consequences for throwing in with the Marxists and Socialists amongst us. This is not and has NEVER been about health care but rather the ultimate power and money grab to harden the iron fist of Washington on all of us. The evidence is all around the world that government cannot run ANYTHING (save for maybe the military) efficiently.


I think Cuba, Venezuela or most European countries would take you!

Sorry to be so harsh but I am sick of this and will not couch my opinion in soft language anymore. There is no justification for passing such a piece of garbage and, God willing, it will be defeated!

Just look at this bill from the House--almost 2000 pages!! No one could possibly manage and administer such a behemoth of a program--and that is the point. It is purposely made untenable and will simply lead to a full government takeover within 5 years when the major provisions kick in.

How do you explain the fact that the Congress wants to again raise the debt ceiling and put us further into the debt of the Chinese and bury us under more of a crushing black hole of debt? These people will not stop until we implode on ourselves--which unfortunately may be inevitable either way-- as they continue to hand out entitlements to their donors, special interests, and shiftless selfish Americans and illegals who always have their hand out and in the back pocket of every hard working American and seeing how much of it they can steal from you.

This will surely lead to a Constitutional crisis if it does pass as it will surely be challenged in courts around the country and states are already lining up to nullify this and assert their 10th Amendment rights against the Federal monster. I can tell you I will be booking my reservation with U-Haul to take me to one of those states if it comes to that and stand shoulder to shoulder with REAL patriotic Americans that have had enough of Communists passing themselves off as "progressives" and Democrats. The word "progressive" itself proves what cowards they are as the majority of these people won't even use the word "liberal" because they know most people reject that so they figure they can try and fool everyone with another focus group designed word. Laughable!! And by the way, we are on to you and it isn't working!

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the "progressives" are thugs and liars, they despise true value middle Americans, they simply look at you as a number, a voting block of power that they feel they can capture forever in government dependency that we can never escape from and ultimately revile the very people they claim to want to help.

And just to give you two more facts about why the government needs to be MASSIVELY scaled back and reigned in:
Cash for Clunkers: Every car sold under this ridiculous illegal waste of money cost American taxpayers $24,000 each!! Bet you didn't know you bought a new car for you neighbor huh??

First Time Home buyer Tax Credit: You think Cash for Clunkers was bad, bet you didn't know that you helped finance those first time home buyers to the tune of $43,000 PER $8000 tax credit that was given out! True government efficiency at its best! And now we are going to extend this gem into next spring! Make sure that new buyer thanks you and maybe offers to cut your lawn next year--but don't bet on it, these are most likely government sponges anyways...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama and His Marxist Theme

I think it is NO coincidence that there are strong parallels between the Barry Obama administration and dictatorial communist regimes, past and present. The evidence is all around and here are just a few of the recent examples we are seeing that go very nicely with what we have seen from this White House since it came into power 9 months ago…

The 2 main components of a Marxist/Communist regime are to control the media and disarm the citizens. To that end:

Exhibit A: HR 45, the Blair Holt Licensing of Firearms Act, currently being circulated in the House of Representatives. This is a gun control advocate’s dream, and like most gun laws, will only serve to disarm the law abiding gun owners and embolden the criminals who will never be affected by such laws. This law would discourage legal ownership of firearms and would set the stage for gun confiscation in the future by having many gray areas in the law that could be interpreted however a hostile reader/interpreter sees fit to do. There are many great sources for finding out about this stealth legislation, but here is one of the best ones so I encourage you to watch this:
HR 45 Video

Whether you are a proud gun owner like me or just a patriotic American who believes in a strong Second Amendment right, this should outrage and scare you! And with this current White House and a HUGE anti-gunner in Attorney General Eric Holder, don’t brush this one off!

Exhibit B:
The Obama White house announced new, tighter restrictions for reporters to access the prison at Guantanomo Bay, Cuba. Obama wants this facility closed but has run into many issues in getting this done and placing terrorists on our shores, in our courts, or just outright releasing to go out and kill more American citizens and soldiers in the future. But now the supposedly most transparent administration ever to hold the office is being told they have to basically beg for some limited access to the site in order to avoid potentially “embarrassing” situations for the White House that they say have occurred recently.
This goes along nicely with the White House’s continuing obsession and public battle with Fox News as they send out their attack dogs to go after a news outlet that they obviously know won’t get in bed automatically with whatever comes out of the pit at the White House like the rest of the sycophant media does and they don’t like it. They remind me of a little kid throwing a temper tantrum and whining because they aren’t getting their way. Even other known liberal reporters from main stream networks are starting to get uncomfortable with this and are asking questions of that buffoon Robert Gibbs during press meetings (because they are starting to realize that they could also be silenced someday) and Gibbs continues to whine, cry, and act defensively about it. Hey Bobby here’s a flash! The more you attack and criticize, the bigger their audience will get. So instead of whining, why don’t you just try to ignore them, or better yet, actually engage in a meaningful dialogue and debate with them on the facts! Oh that’s right, you can’t because you would lose every time. Fox is only doing what EVERY media outlet should be doing (and used to)—ask REAL objective questions of our elected officials, dig down to find the truth and report it! What happened to those days?? Ahh, Hugo Chavez is feeling warm and tickly all over I am sure…
But don’t cry, Bobby; I’m sure there is a place for you in bed in between Keith and Rachel!

And speaking of media control, it was revealed that the wonderfully intelligent Latina and new Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor had EVERY aspect of her nomination process controlled from her speeches she gave after being nominated to the clothes she wore. Is this is supposed to be an unbiased, free thinking woman??

The Mao Lovers:
Anita Dunn (or Dunce or Dung): The White House Communications Director told us from a speech she did that she admired, amongst others, the “philosopher” Mao Tse Tung. In case you missed it last week, here was my blog posting on Ms. Dunn and others...
Now we are finding that Ms. Dunn also dislikes the free press as well. In sound bites that have been recently brought to light, Ms. Dunn said that during the campaign, they would try to control the media and only put out exactly what they wanted to be reported in order to control reporting. Watch this clip--it is VERY revealing!! Seeing a common theme yet?

Manufacturing “Czar” Ron Bloom: This guy is a HUGE union thug and a true left wing bully. Not only does he love government control but he loves the power that the Feds have over the people more. Click Here!

Starting to notice a pattern??? Ok, a few briefer, but NOT unimportant points:

Berlin Wall Celebration: In a symbolic slap in the face to liberty and freedom, BO has “shelved” plans to attend the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the downing of the Berlin Wall because he is just to busy I guess to celebrate one of the most historic and important events in recent history that quite literally helped to bring down Communism in Eastern Europe.
Read story here...

Could it be more likely that Obama, in his leftist One-World mentality, just doesn’t see this as an important or even desirable event? That a strong Communist, central authority is a favorable scenario to control and dictate life.

Lavish Dinners: While the unemployment rate is at double digits and people are struggling in this difficult economy, and Obama lectures all of us that we need to sacrifice for the “greater good”, be you brother’s keeper, reduce our carbon footprint, and other liberal Marxist jibberish, he continues to have lavish parties and celebrations at the White House on tax payer expense. These parties are attended by Big Hollywood, Big Music, and other political cronies and contributors. Here is the latest Barry Blow Out!!
Hmmmm, sounds familiar…what other leaders in our recent history did similar things??
Umm, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jung Il, Hugo Chavez come to mind. Typical dictators, tell us what we can’t do while they live high on our backs.

Afghanistan: This one is a real disgrace. I have written extensively on this topic. Our military leaders have told us that we need to have a surge of troops into Afghanistan or we face defeat in this war including most recently Defense Secretary Robert Gates who said we “can’t sit on our hands” any longer. The war by the way Obama told us during the campaign we needed to focus on instead of Iraq.
Well while our brave soldiers are there with ever increasing targets on their backs and higher casualties, Obama is telling us that he isn’t going to make any decisions on troop levels for several more weeks or until the political situation there is resolved. The Presidential election is going to have a run off election in early November because the UN (which is the ACORN of international elections) has determined that Hamid Karzai’s election may not be valid due to ballot irregularities.

This is a total abomination! We are in a war! Either give the commanders what they want of get them out NOW. Obama insists on making this his Vietnam in order to pacify his extreme left base that doesn’t want us there at all and he needs them for political capital to pass his social agenda at home. I believe these stall tactics and excuses will eventually be used as the excuse to pull us out of there. The only question is how many lives will he cost our military before he makes that decision due to his indecision?

Copenhagen: Obama is salivating at the idea of signing away American soverignty to a One World government that will be able to take money from a citizen in Texas, Massachusetts, Oregon, or wherever and give it to some international bureaucracy all in the name of phony climate change. This is the holy grail of international Marxism. Watch this brief video from a guy who used to be a strong global warming believer, friend of Al Gore, and respected scientist but now has seen the error in the science and is speaking out and warning all of us on the dangers of this movement.

Add all this to recent events including bailouts, Stimulus (Stimu-less), “healthcare” reform, takeovers, the Copenhagen global warming one world conference that is coming in December, the above items, and many more and the pattern gets more solid and definable every day.

Oh and by the way, while you weren’t looking, oil has now risen back over $80/barrel.
Obama must be giddy at the prospect of $4 gas and heating oil being back real soon.

“Get dressed Michelle; we are going out celebrating tonight!!!”

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Obama Youth Corp Begins October 19th!

If you have young kids, you might want to keep them away from TV as much as possible next week. Why? Haven't you heard that Obama has teamed up with Hollywood Socialists to promote "volunteerism"?

I really can't explain what this all about better than what Andrew Breitbart has done so here are the links to his site. This is very important so please take the time to read this!

Putting aside the clear left wing agenda of these programs for a moment, it is easy to make the leap that what is "voluntary" now will become mandatory later. Obama's website immediately after the election spoke of mandatory servitude by all citizens as a way to "give back" and Obama boasted of having a "citizens corp" "with as much authority and as well equipped (paraphrased)" as our military!! After they realized the criticism it was drawing, they scrubbed the site and removed the references. I have no doubt that this action next week is simply a way to send up a trial balloon and see how it is received and/or to lay the ground work for mandatory service down the road.
Nice, little brainwashed, brown shirted Obama-bot thugs walking around your neighborhood serving the Messiah.

2 problems with this:
1. If it is mandatory, how can it be volunteerism?
2 And most importantly, IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL as clearly stated in Section 1 of Amendment XIII.
Then again, Obama has never been constrained by anything in that old, antiquated document that he clearly reviles and would do away with it entirely if he had the chance.

Disagree and Be Targeted For Destruction by Obama-Bots

What do Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Health Care Industry, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and more than 50% of Americans have in common?

They will all be targeted for destruction one way or another by the White House, their minions in the Congress, or the liberal media.

Fox News: Barack Obama, Anita Dunn, Robert Gibson and the other little soldiers in the open and secret circles of the White House continue to be obsessed with criticizing Fox News Channel and are getting more and more angry and lashing out whenever they dare to challenge Obama's policies and those of the liberals in Congress.

Anita Dunn by the way said in a speech over the summer that Chinese communist founder Mao Tse Tung is one of her philosophical heroes! Check this link: By the way, Mao was directly responsible for the death of 10's of millions of people in China during the 1940's Communist revolutions. And she went on other cable news networks and directly accused Fox of being a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. This is laughable and pathetic. Although Fox has some right leanings for some of their on air personalities, anyone who watches Fox knows there is no other network that has more balanced liberal and conservative perspectives and guests. And clearly most of America knows that because they have about 10 times the audience of the other cable outlets and about 40% of Fox viewers consider themselves liberal! I wonder if MSNBC's (the all Obama network) 3 viewers could say that??

It is also very scary to me that you have a concerted effort by a White House to attack a media outlet so outwardly. Especially in light of the internet "Cyber Security" act being tossed around in the Senate and Obama's appointment to head the FCC who could try to find some reason to shut down any opposition on the air or internet. Don't think it could happen? Check out what is going on in Venezuela right now!

Rush Limbaugh: The demonization of Rush is clearly political. Outright made up and libelous statements about Rush have been dutifully reported by the left and main stream media outlets with absolutely no fact checking--yet those same outlets fact checked Saturday Night Live's sketch on Obama a couple of weeks ago as they continue to do whatever it takes to cover for Obama.
Anyone who has truly listened to Rush over the years knows the context and meaning of the things he has said on his program that are considered "controversial" were not, nor intended to be racially motivated. It is simply the race hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson that need to justify their existence and keep racism alive for their own livelihood. And both of these guys live in glass houses and should be the last ones throwing stones of racism!
One of the most offending lies that was past around was that Rush made some remarks that slavery had its merits or something to that affect. Did you notice that these remarks got the most play in the media yet no one could produce any video or audio from Rush's show of him actually saying that?? Not a coincidence...every minute of his show is recorded and is frequently replayed elsewhere by his supporters and detractors. It also turns out that these lies were put out by a New York law firm who were major campaign contributors to Obama. Unbelievable...the egg is all over the face of these "news" outlets that reported this garbage. Some are now coming out and apologizing. To little to late. Next time fact check with all the vigor that you put into SNL! Curious why Obama stays silent on this issue, huh?

And while we are on the subject of banning people that have made controversial statements from participating in private business ventures I haven't heard anyone from the NFL tell Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas that she couldn't be a co owner of the Miami Dolphins even though she has typically made statements in her songs against traditional themes and painting the CIA as equivalent to criminals. Could i be because she is a fellow leftist and is just participating in free speech and "artistic expression"? Just another double standard...

Health Care: Congressional Democrats are now trying to bully health insurance companies and Price Waterhouse Cooper (the mega worldwide business consulting firm) and promising to investigate and intimidate them for daring to come out and oppose the Obama Care plan now being written in Congress by talking about the enormous cost that this plan will strap Americans with while liberals try to tell us it will save money! This plan will be rammed down the throats of Americans regardless of the polls or the cost. Whether they do it through some sneaky method of attaching it to another bill or through the reconciliation process, it will pass. The insurance industry, as with most citizens and other organizations, are not "playing ball" with Obama on this disaster so they most be marginalized and targeted. Obama has learned this tactic well from his hero-- 60's radical Saul Alinsky. Pick you target, freeze it, and destroy it. That is the classic Chicago-thuggery tactics he learned well as a "Community Organizer".

Everyone Else: If you oppose Obama, you will be labeled as racist. Watch out, the FCC, IRS, and through things like the aforementioned Cyber Security Act could all be means to silent opposition as it continues to grow--which surely it will!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I am Barack Hussein Obama, King of the World!!

Barack Hussein Obama was “surprisingly” awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for offering “world hope and nuclear disarmament, and multilaterism” by the Socialist Nobel Committee in Norway. Yes, the want-to-be President of the world has now been confirmed as the Socialist, pacifist, and anti-capitalist that we all knew he was.

He joins the ranks of great past recipients such as Jimmy Carter and the late (thank God) Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat! Excellent company to be in Mr. Obama…

This of course comes only 9 months into his presidency where he has accomplished NOTHING that would warrant such an award to any sane observers but is rather a nod and assumption by the Nobel committee of what they expect him to do and to help give him cover and justification for his leftist agenda. And this decision was actually made by the Committee in February which would be only 1 month into his presidency!! So how is it legitimate?? Answer: It is not and is a joke-as he is.

Without rehashing prior posts, which you should go back and read here, the only thing Obama has done is bash his own country, tear us down internationally, and promise to sell out the prosperity of the American people to a one-world socialist utopia—exactly what people on the Nobel committee also believe in—and disarm us in a pacifist dream that makes our enemies giddy and “high fiving” each other as they plot their next strategy against us.

President B. Hussein Obama, you are the President of the United States, NOT of the world! You may be loved by your fellow club of Socialists, dictators, and Marxists but your views are not shared by the majority of the patriotic American people that you are solely charged to defend and stand up for.

Your foreign policy views are naïve, dangerous, and short sighted and will cost untold amounts of wealth and lives of Americans I fear. This cannot stand and these policies must be challenged and stopped if America is to survive.

Maybe Obama can donate the $1.4 Million dollars that he is expected to get as a result of the award to the people in Detroit that want part of his "stash" or cover some of the Americans that he claims need health insurance?? Nahhhhhhhh...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Health Care Reform Cost and Medicare Slashing...

Ok all you seniors out there, I hope you are following some of the updates on the health care reform bills working through Congress. You better get on the phone and stay on your Congress person to vote against all these bills or you will be rationed out of existence!
Here are just a few points to remember:
1. Barack Hussein Obama says part of the cost of this bill will be paid for by $500 Billion in Medicare cuts. So how exactly is that going to work especially since Medicare is already broke?? And how will that not lead to deep rationing and dropin benefits. This is what is meant by death panels!
2. Barack Hussein Obama says we will save money by reducing hundreds of billions of dollars in fraud and waste. But the Medicare website itself says that over the entire history of Medicare, only $10 billion of so-called waste has been found. So where are these hundreds of billions of more waste/fraud going to come from??
3. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the federal government to compel a private citizen to buy anything from the government with the threat of punishment.
4. The latest CBO estimate on the Senate bill is a 10 year cost of $850 billion or so. This is total B.S. because first of all there is no bill yet--just a mark up. But much more importantly, has there EVER been a government program that only cost what it is was originally estimated?? Answer: NO!! They usually run 3-10x their original cost. You do the math--that means $2.5 -$8.5 TRILLION dollars over 10 years!! Barack Hussein Obama better get on the phone and tell the Chinese to start buying more of our economy and tell Tax Cheat Tim Geithner to crank up the printing press at the Federal Reserve. That is until the dollar totally collapses and is no longer the world reserve currency. Then all those dollars Geithner prints will be only good to line your bird cage with...

Update on Detroit Wealth Redistribution Payments

The following transcripts are from WJR TV in Detroit. The reporter interviewed 2 women (of the 65,000 that applied!) who were on line waiting to get a share of other people's money...
These transcripts were taken from but are widely available on line.

Interview One:
ROGULSKI: Did you get an application to fill out yet?
WOMAN: I sure did. And I filled it out, and I am waiting to see what the results are going to be.
ROGULSKI: Will you know today how much money you're getting?
WOMAN: No, I won't, but I'm waiting for a phone call.
ROGULSKI: Where's the money coming from?
WOMAN: I believe it's coming from the City of Detroit or the state.
ROGULSKI: Where did they get it from?
WOMAN: Some funds that was forgiven (sic) by Obama.
ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get the funds?
WOMAN: Obama getting the funds from... Ummm, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. He's the president.
ROGULSKI: In downtown Detroit, Ken Rogulski, WJR News.

Interview Two:
Ken Rogulski reporting on WJR in Michigan.
ROGULSKI: Why are you here?
WOMAN #1: To get some money.
ROGULSKI: What kind of money?
WOMAN #1: Obama money.
ROGULSKI: Where's it coming from?
WOMAN #1: Obama.
ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get it?
WOMAN #1: I don't know, his stash. I don't know. (laughter) I don't know where he got it from, but he givin' it to us, to help us.
WOMAN #2: And we love him.
WOMAN #1: We love him. That's why we voted for him!
WOMEN: (chanting) Obama! Obama! Obama! (laughing)

This is EXACTLY the America Obama wants--a dumbed down electorate totally dependent on the government and him for everything. The city of Detroit and the state of Michigan are run by liberal Democrats. Detroit has nearly 25% unemployment and 25% live in poverty--a petri dish of what the rest of the country will look like when liberals finish destroying our society. Don't think this would happen in your neighborhood? Ha, think again, the thieves known as Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest will see to it that what happened in Detroit will happen on every street corner in America, sorry, "Amerika".

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekly Update...Czars, Stimulus, Health Care

I thought Stimulus money was supposed to go to creating jobs and jump starting the economy? Even if that was the only purpose of this spending, it is folly and has not and will never work, but here is a story out of Detroit that shows the underlying, and I say true purpose, of "Stimulus" which is simple and classic liberal redistribution of wealth and money laundering through Washington. Note the actual addresses are given so people can show up and claim their gov’ment money! Disgusting. How much longer do you think these direct transfers of wealth from people who have earned and produced it to those who have not and have no accountability for it can continue? Hint: Not long!

“Czar Gate” is building: Even ultra left Senator Russ Feingold is getting nervous on all the Czars in the Obama administration, what they are doing, who they are accountable to, and what we know about them. Let’s not kid ourselves, Feingold’s and any other Dem’s concern on them is strictly because so many bad things are coming out on these czars and they don’t want to be associated with these bad people. Like the “safe school czar” David Jennings who, when he was a school teacher in the 80’s, did nothing when an underage student confided to him that he was having gay sex with an older man except to advise the student to use a condom. He has dedicated his whole life to promoting homosexuality in public schools hiding. He also wrote the forward on a book on how to “queer” elementary schools to basically push a gay agenda on public schools. He also founded GLSEN-Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network--a radical pro gay group. And oh by the way, the book was also “blurbed” by Bill Ayers—Obama’s buddy and unrepentant domestic terrorist friend.

The Oval Office obviously is furious at Feingold for having this committee meeting in the first place as they refused to send a rep from the White House to the meeting. Watch yourself Russ!! Barry and the boys may be comin’ for ya! the White House's ignoring of this issue is more proof that Obama's goals and true intentions for the country and his radical ideology will trump even his own party if need be. How do you think he will react when more of the general public begins to turn on him--which they will at some point. Probably like a cornered wild animal.

More Czar news!
The “Pay Czar” Ken Feinberg says he is drawing up plans to slash cash compensation for highly paid executives of companies that received TARP money! Can you believe this? I never thought I would see government set pay for non government employees here in America. Very scary, guess we should change the country’s name to “Amerika” as we continue to slide into the ooze of socialism and Marxism. If you think that this won’t lead to pay being set for other people not associated with TARP—maybe even YOURS—you are fooling yourself. Watch out and keep your head down if you are a successful producer.

Harry Reid scored more Medicaid money for his state and four others including Rhode Island, Michigan, Oregon AND it will be paid for by the taxpayers of California, Florida, and Illinois through changes in their state specific bills. You people in Nevada need to send this guy packing next year, and if the polls are right he will! He should be led away in an orange jumpsuit for the money he has laundered and stolen from this country to serve his own ends but this latest stunt is an unbelievable abuse of his power.

The Healthcare Bills are coming very soon to vote so stay engaged with your representatives and warn them of the consequences (nicely) if they support it. Always keep one thing in mind when you listen to all the noisy rhetoric from the leftist politicians and you will be able to ignore everything but the facts. And that is, this has NEVER been about healthcare, but ALWAYS about power and control over your life and extracting as much money from you as possible. The solutions to the healthcare issues we do have could easily be addressed as I have previously discussed, but to the left these are unacceptable because it would take the control out of Washington and more into the private sector and they will never yield to that unless forced to.

All Obama policies are designed to do exactly what they are doing--tear down the country and rebuild it in his socialist image and view of the world. High unemployment for instance is just the means to an end. This is all being done by design and is intentional. He has no interest in seeing unemployment rates fall and more jobs be created. What else can it be? They know the numbers, they know what it takes to create the conditions for prosperity for more people and they are choosing to do the exact opposite. The misery and suffering that will and is being being caused, in his view, is necessary to get to where he envisions us to be. Because in his mind and his belief system, we are to big, to powerful, to prosperous, and unjust and we must be made to pay. Can you say reparations?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am Soooo Happy I was WRONG!

Well I didn't see this one coming, but the Messiah couldn't get it done! Obama is beginning to realize that he can't get things done just by showing up and making a speech. Sorry, Barry, this isn't Chicago!

Not that I am sad about it mind you. And please you libs stop saying that the right is happy because America didn't get the Olympics and we just wanted Obama to fail. That was never what this was about! This was about the fact that our President was engaging in political crony payback for his Chicago thug friends--people like his slumlord friend Tony Rezko and close White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett who both stood to make millions on the sales of low income property in Chicago that would need to be cleared to build the Olympic Village. And also to payback his union thugs and allies like Chicago mayor Richard Daly with millions in construction contracts and bids.

And a President who decided to give a whole 25 minutes of meeting time to General McChrystal regarding the war in Afghanistan while Air Force one was stopped over in Copenhagen. What an absolute embarrassment Obama is to the sovereignty and strength of the United States and is a clear example of how much liberals like Obama and others loathe our military. What do you think he told McChrystal I wonder? After the small talk and "hello's" probably not much. Obama probably told him he would get to Afghanistan after he continued his celebrity of the world tour and shoved universal health care down everyone's throat back home--maybe then he would consider the request. In the meantime, if dozens more troops have to get killed to save Obama's agenda and political capital, then so be it I suppose...

The fact that 263,000 more jobs were lost last month and unemployment is now at 9.8% (or probably more like 17 or 18% when you include the people who have stopped looking) should have been more than enough reason to keep him in Washington coming up with free economic policies to get wealth and jobs growing again. But as I have said, to people like Obama, high unemployment and government dependency are what they go to sleep dreaming about at night...

Oh and what a "sacrifice" it was for our wonderful first lady Michelle, the co-thug in chief, to go there and plead for Chicago as well. After all, those were her words--she was doing it for the children--whatever the hell that means. Then while she is there she makes some wandering unrelated speech regarding her father's multiple sclerosis and why that should automatically award her city the games. But probably the more insulting comment was when she made a reference that the Olympics gives kids inspiration to be world class athletes. Wait a minute, I thought her husband just told the kids in his school master speech a couple of weeks ago that they have almost no chance at that? (so inspirational eh?)

What makes it laughable is the down right pompous way this was handled. Obama figured he had this in the bag, and even if he didn't that all he had to do was show up and the endless love and adulation the world has for him (in his mind) would carry him along to victory. Wrong! Normally, diplomats and other behind-the scene- people would have worked this out and had it pretty much sealed up before any official announcement is made. The leader would just show up for the photo opp and be done with it. His narcissism and ego may be to big for just one Air Force One plane to hold, but he is learning that it isn't all about him and he can't just will his way to what he wants.

Hopefully, for America's sake, this will be the case for his other plans for this country as we go forward!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There is One Simple Word That Would Solve All of Our Issues...

You ready for it??: RESPONSIBILTY

Whether we are talking about the decline of our moral culture, healthcare, taxes, National Security, education, business bailouts, or anything else--stand up and take personal responsibilty for your own life and stop expecting others to bail you out and supply things to you at their expense.

If you want to TRULY live in freedom and liberty, then start acting like it! If you want a nanny state, move to Cuba, Venezuela, or most anywhere else in the world--just not here!

What a novel idea?? I fear it is one that is lost on many Americans now who have been raised to believe that big-brotha gov'nment will take care of them with that magical money they get from "taxin' them rich people". Get over yourself, please!!!

While America Burns...Obama Fiddles

Watch our Dear Leader (credit: President Obama and his wife (and fellow thug) hop on multiple Air Force One aircrafts with their entourages and jet off to Copenhagen at massive taxpayer expense to lobby to bring home the bacon for his Chicago union thugs by securing the 2016 Olympics. You might want to ask other cities around the world that had the Olympics already what they think about it in hindsight. Most have had HUGE cost overruns that far outweighed any money that it brought in to begin with! Brilliant liberal economic policy at work! And of course the people that are protesting this in Chicago are racists...right??

Obama is competing against Rio, Madrid, and Tokyo for hosting the games. I feel bad for these cities as no one is going to be able to out maneuver the great Community Organizer and shell game player for this gig—put on your favorite mafia outfit ‘cuz Obama is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Obama has made it sound as if this was a “last minute” trip…uh huh, and if you believe that you would also believe Obama never heard Jeremiah Wright spew left wing and racist sermons at his so-called church for 20 years. (BTW- has Obama and his family picked a church yet in D.C.?). We know that this is yet another orchestrated, behind the scene Unconstitutional use of the office and the federal government as it came out today that Chicago thugs like Mayor Richard Daly have had high level talks with D.C. thugs like Valerie Jarrett and H.U.D. to steal taxpayer money to build a $1,000,000,000 Olympic Village.

And of course all this very important work is going on with just a few minor things going on in the world. These things are so insignificant I feel I must list them here because you probably haven’t heard about them at all:

Iran test fired another missile they claim can reach Israel and pretty much anywhere else in the Middle East they wish while we also learned they have a second uranium enrichment plant hidden underground that we didn’t know about until now. All this coming right after BB Netanyahu gives a tremendous speech at the UN about the danger of Iran that our President should have been delivering instead of apologizing for America.

The fact that he hasn’t made a decision on Afghanistan policy while our brave men and women are in the line of fire everyday and doesn’t plan on doing so for 4 weeks! He is meeting with General McChrystal this week, but don’t bet on the General getting what he needs to win this battle. Obama’s politics and need to appease the left in this country for social programs like universal healthcare far out weigh any military needs and wants and he will try to triangulate this and drag it out as long as he can—or until they ram rod universal healthcare through first.

Healthcare “Reform”: Public opinion polls for this disaster have fallen to new lows of only 41% but Obama and the libs in Congress or pushing forward with their socialized medicine scheme and will force it through no matter what they have to do to get it. As previously mentioned, they have mocked and outright ignored the will of the public on this issue and don’t care what the polls say. This is all about their power and greed in Washington and they will pay their political price now if it means cementing future power for them as they ensnare everyone into paying for this illegal program and gain a whole new voting block of worthless citizens suckling off the productive members of our society.

The Dallas Federal Reserve chairman said yesterday that the Fed (which should be eliminated!) needs to be ready to aggressively raise interest rates if signs of inflation begin to show. Well Obama won’t be happy with this guy, but he is absolutely right. This is UNAVOIDABLE ! We will have massive skyrocketing inflation once the monetizing of our debt that is occurring now because of our unfettered borrowing from the Chinese and paper printing operation at the Treasury all but guarantees it. Inflation along with massive tax increases will be the ultimate demise of our economy yet Obama and liberals are talking up more massive spending on healthcare, “cap and trade”, funding the United Nations, massive housing and college loan program extensions, 2016 Olympics, $5,000,000,000,000 announced today to expand the National Institute of Health--a massive government bureaucracy, and it goes on and on. There is no limit to power and economic forces these idiots will not undertake and it will doom all of us if it isn’t stopped AND reversed now!

The economy continues to shrink, private sector jobs continue to disappear, and the public sector continues to grow all while Alan Greenspan (the former Fed chair and hero of the left) said today that the economy will continue to decline in 2010 while The White House says the recession is over!!....Just classic liberal economics and deranged Obama policy that will kill us all.

The CIA and FBI have uncovered a complex and scary terrorist plot here at home. The arrest of Zazi who was trying to set off a bomb on 9/11 and the guy in Texas who was setup with a dummy bomb by authorities in front of a Federal Building is probably just the tip of the iceberg! They have acknowledged that several other suspects are being sought or monitored. As I said before, it only takes one to slip through for many Americans to be killed.

And don't look now--the effort to sneak and ram government run healthcare down our throats begins in earnest next week as the Dems try to hide and mask it in other bills during the dark of night!! Don't worry, we will turn the light on and scatter these cockroaches!

Friday, September 25, 2009

ObamaCare: Pay Up or Go Directly to Jail!

For all you liberals who believe that Obamacare is benevolent and fair:


"September 25, 2009Categories:
Senate Ensign receives handwritten confirmation
This doesn't happen often enough.
Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.
Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold."
The note was a follow-up to Ensign's questioning at the markup."

And this is exactly how illegal immigrants WILL be covered under Obamacare. The left, are predictably, now openly pushing to expressively cover illegals in healthcare. But even if they don't succeed at this open attempt, as previously mentioned there will be NO explicit ban on illegals collecting healthcare benefits and so therefore they WILL get covered as there will be no enforcement of the rules. And if you don't want to pay for it, YOU will go to jail--yes you, the racist, xenophobic American with this crazy idea that you should not have to pay ANYTHING to someone who has flagrantly broke our sovereignty and laws by coming here illegally.

All incentives for employers to hire illegals need to be eliminated and a true enforcement and verification system in place. And in the meantime, ALL illeglas should be denied ANY publicly funded services and ultimately be shown the exit door of our country.

If one legal American citizen is denied a service, an opportunity, prosperity, or God forbid their life as a result of giving away freebies (healthcare or whatever) to illegals, then it is a travesty of monumental proportions and should never be tolerated by Americans-- that in overwhelming numbers are against illegals getting anything at taxpayer expense.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apologizing For America, Part 1? Part 2? Part 99?

Mr. Obama said it himself to anyone who actually listened, during the campaign and after he won, that he wanted to “fundamentally transform America”. People like me and many others tried to warn everyone lost in the “Obama trance” exactly what he meant and it scares the hell out of us. Now many of those worst fears are coming true between his Unconstitutional and massive expansion of bureaucracy policies at home and his one world, collectivist vision of the rest of the world.

Before I write about the latest UN speech the President gave, did you know it was revealed today that since he took office that there have been 25,000 new Federal employees added to the government that you and I of course pay for?? It is despicable that in a time that the private sector is downsizing and unemployment is at double digits that the Federal government continues to expand. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone as liberals love expanding Federal government to "nanny-state" proportions. And by the way, it is almost impossible to get rid of these people once they are in. Not to mention that they all get iron clad benefits and, yes, gold plated health insurance that again we pay for. Heck, it sounds like a national version of the SEIU! Remember, the government never does with less and does not compete; they simply tear up the rules book and dictate new policy, after all it is not their money and futures they are selling out!

Yesterday, He again appeared before the corrupt and anti-American United Nations and denounces American exceptionalism while receiving glowing compliments from evil, tin horn despots such as Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi who rambled on for 90 minutes and called Obama his “son”, the illegitimate Iranian president and holocaust denier, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the new western hemisphere Socialist/Marxist Hugo Chavez who said the “Smell of Sulfur has been replaced with the smell of hope”—the sulfur reference he made last time he spoke at the UN while George Bush was still in office—how proud we should all be of these endorsements!! All of this while Israel is staring down the very real possibility of a future nuclear attack by Iran or other rogue nation while Obama says to the UN "America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”

He accused America as acting “unilaterally” and of course this has damaged our image around the world. It is the responsibility and duty of our government to do whatever is in the best interest of this country and be damned what other countries think of us—this is NOT a one-world country! This is the greatest land God ever gave and although we are not perfect, no President should ever apologize for the greatness of our history and deeds. They are all just jealous and stunned that a country that has been around for only 230 or so years has kicked all their collective asses in our advances and standard of living. Liberals always “hedge” their comments about America’s greatness by blaming us for much of the problems in the world.

He said that he ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed when he took office. This is a joke and a national security nightmare. Unless he is willing to bring these terrorists to a neighborhood near you and jeopardize our security, this cannot happen. Just look at what is going on the last few days where several terror plots are being uncovered all over the country—very scary. It only takes one psycho extremist to slip through the law and cause mass casualties in our midst—I pray this does not happen again.

He once again uses the phony junk science of global warming to advocate and promote higher taxes, globalism, unproven “alternative” energy sources, and stripping America of its own energy development and freedom by restricting capacity and sources. Obama says that any country is entitled to develop nuclear energy, and I totally agree, yet his own policy and debt to the extreme environmental lobby precludes our own country for expanding such an energy source beyond what we already have.

He bragged about using American tax payer money—without our permission—to “bailout” the world economy to the tune of $2,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion!) --so far—while enslaving future generations of Americans into debt to the Chinese and others for his generosity! He also is laying the groundwork for a one world economy and stripping the US dollar as the benchmark currency forcing Americans into some scheme that one day could allow direct taxation of us by the UN or some other one-world committee. We continue to spend countless dollars on every left wing social program worldwide while ignoring the pending bankruptcy we will surely face at home if this spending continues. Remember, liberals are only generous with other people’s money…

He pledged again to help disarm our country saying he can envision a world without nuclear weapons. In a perfect utopia world, this would be an honorable goal but in a world filled with evil dictators and despots, this is a fool hardy path that will only serve to reduce our security and defensive posture while at the same time such a policy will not stop regimes like Iran and North Korea from gaining their own arsenal which I have no doubt they would use offensively if they could. They are laughing at our increasing weakness in taking the necessary steps to shut down their programs. And although generally I do not believe in involving the United States in "pre-emptive" conflicts (look at Afghanistan right now), legitimizing and engaging in useless diplomacy with these rogue regimes will yield nothing except allowing them the time to stall us and complete their work.

I also agree that we should not be “forcing” democracy onto other nations, however I do not believe that has ever been our intention or goal. But the rulers of countries that “choose” to live in totalitarianism cannot then demand concessions and treasure of the United States be handed over to them while at the same time conspiring to do damage and harm to us.

As I wrote last week, we should exit the UN and throw them out of this country—period! They spend billions of our dollars every year and for what?? See my UN posting for from last week.

There is too much material in this speech to cover here. Read the text or watch the video yourself and decide. The United States needs to always assert itself as a world power and remind other countries at the same time of our unequivocal greatness and generosity. As Teddy Roosevelt once said: “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick…”