Thomas Jefferson

"We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude...If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements...if we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."--Thomas Jefferson

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. "
--John Quincy Adams
US diplomat & politician (1767 - 1848)

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”
-James Madison at the Virginia Ratification Debates
"With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators."

- James Madison's Letter to James Robertson, April 20, 1831

Friday, July 30, 2010


The Marxist bastards in the Scum Obama Administration are trying to find a way to provide illegal immigrants backdoor amnesty!
What part of ILLEGAL do these Socialists scum not understand?? Since they cannot get the American people to agree to open our borders and allow millions of dirty illegals to stay and suck off the system and destroy our country from the inside out, Obama and his minions, led by the ULTRA DANGEROUS CASS SUNSTEIN who is the king of czars and regulation! This guy is quietly rewriting the laws without Congressional approval and oversight. Be very careful, America! Cass Sunstein and the Scum Obama will literally rip the heart out of America and your freedoms.
Write and call your Congressmen and Senators and demand that if Obama and Sunstein are allowed to rewrite law without the approval of Congress that they be IMMEDIATLEY TRIED FOR TREASON. If not, you had better buy extra ammunition and guns to defend yourself against this guy’s tyranny before he erases the Second Amendment and erases YOU! Do your research on Sunstein and be afraid, be VERY afraid, America!

The REAL Story behind Pete King and Anthony Weiner's Spat!

Republican Congressman Pete King and Democrat Anthony Weiner both of New York have been engaging in verbal tirades with each other since yesterday regarding a bill in Congress that proposes to pay billions to 9-11 first responders and their families who have suffered health problems as a result of their service at Ground Zero.
The bill failed in the House because the Dems were requiring a 2/3rds vote on it, they claim, to keep Republicans from inserting “add-on” provisions that the Dems didn’t want. Because of this 2/3rds requirement was not met, the bill failed. Now the finger pointing has begun and is quite sickening!
This debacle simply is another shining example of liberal social policy coming back to bite people that REALLY need this assistance. The whole reason this bill is being proposed is because the State of New York, like many others, is BROKE mainly due to the liberal institutionalized welfare and social programs that have sucked the state coffers dry by expanding social programs and giving an ever larger piece of the labor of New Yorkers to groups of people who live off the system and contribute NOTHING to society! This is PURE EVIL LIBERALISM gone awry!
This issue SHOULD be handles and PAID for by the city and state of New York and NOT passed on to the citizens of the other 49 states who would forced to have billions more debt added to the their children and grandchildren’s necks because of the ineptitude, ignorance, and short sightedness of bloated big government welfare programs in New York! We are being asked to print more useless money and borrow more from the Chinese to bail out yet another special interest group—and I don’t mean the 9-11 responders, but rather the parasites that leach off the system and live on the backs of hard working New Yorkers through endless welfare and social programs. This is a shiny sample and microcosm of what is happening all over this country and in Washington and it is disgusting! It is the same as recklessly spending all of your own money on frivolous luxury items and then when your furnace goes, you don't have the money to replace it and instead have to borrow it.
If Mayor Bloomberg and/or Governor Patterson had ANY GUTS at all they would IMMEDIATELY issue executive orders HALTING the funding of useless social spending and instead direct that money to a fund for these TRULY needy first responders and GET THIS DONE NOW! But I won’t hold my breath because liberals and big government will NEVER do with less-but will force all of us to suffer for the consequences of their dangerous policies and vote pandering.
But instead we play politics and refuse to trim the welfare state down that is killing our country at all levels and mean while these brave men and women and their families suffer for it!
What a disgrace! When will we realize the liberalism is a FAILURE? How many people will suffer under the thumb of the very people who claim to be looking out for them?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leftist Anti-American Judge Strikes Down Key Arizona Immigration Law Components

Not a big surprise, but a left wing Clinton-appointed judge placed an injunction on the heart and soul of Arizona's immigration law that is set to go into effect tomorrow. Judge Susan Bolden, another unelected, unaccountable, activist judge blocked the parts of the law that had any teeth including allowing police officers to ask about immigration status when stopping people for other offenses and requiring immigrants to carry proper documentation with them at all times.

This Judge is an absolute disgrace to our country and role and should be IMMEDIATELY TRIED FOR TREASON AND STRIPPED OF HER JUDGESHIP! She has violated many aspects of the US Constitution including Article 4 and the Tenth Amendment just to start! She stuck her thumb in the eye of American citizens and gave more rights instead to scum, illegal immigrants who have no respect for our laws and sovereignty Congratulations America! By electing the Scum Obama, you have just promoted the rights of ILLEGAL aliens ABOVE YOURS!! This is all about the one-world view and absolute hatred that the Scum has for the Constitution, the rule of law, and YOU! And is all about trying to secure a voting block that will be Democrat loyal and vote to support Obama's and the left's takeover of our Republic.

Besides the scum illegals, she has also taken away another national security advantage of the United States because it is not just illegal aliens coming across the border, but scum Muslim terrorists that work with the Mexican drug cartels to smuggle them across the border so they can plot destruction on us and our families.

Now it remains to be seen what Jan Brewer will do with this ruling. The case will be appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals but this will not be successful as the 9th Circuit is the most left wing activist court in the land and will certainly rule in favor of the Scum and his co-scum Eric Holder. And by the time it goes to the Supreme Court, if it does, the damage will already be done and with the lesbian, baby killer supporting, military-hating Elena Kagan on the court, I do not hold out alot of hope for having it overturned there either.

So what can be done by Miss Brewer?? If she was smart, she would thumb her nose at the Judge and go ahead and enforce the law as written by claiming her state's 10th Amendment sovereignty and safety of her citizens! What will the Scum do then?? Roll tanks into Arizona to take it over?? I say go ahead and try, I think the Arizona citizens and millions from the outside will have something to say about that.

Let the scum illegals protest tomorrow as they celebrate this temporary victory. I hope Sheriff Joe Arpaio are there with handcuffs and arrest everyone of the low life dirt bags and throw their asses back over the border along with all their border-babies.

These people have lit a powder keg and are blowing on the wick to make it explode faster. I say bring it on--they will be dreadfully sorry at the results!
God Bless America and God damn The Scum and all leftists and illegals!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Kerry and Hillary Clinton: Typical Left Wing Hypocrisy!!

In classic Socialist/Progressive left wing-elitist style, Senator John Kerry
(D-MA) and Hillary Clinton have proven again why Socialism is for the people and not the Socialists and that these are people that believe you are to STUPID and IGNORANT to possibly understand their greatness and why you must submit to their oppression while they get richer.

First, John Kerry. The Massachusetts gigolo and failed presidential candidate and total snob elitist continues to press massive expansions of government and taxes the latest of which is Cap and Trade which will destroy business and drive energy prices skywards for everyone. All the while, he continues to live in large wealth as he leaches off his wife's dead ex-husband's fortune (who by the way was a successful Conservative businessman!). Kerry recently purchased a $7 MILLION yacht and decided to dock in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts to avoid paying over $400,000 in taxes to Massachusetts! So Kerry lectures you and I that we are not doing enough and paying enough and that we must scale down our lives yet he is DIRECTLY stealing money out of the pockets of the very people he claims to support and represent in his own state. John Kerry, a disgrace to the US military and a disgrace to freedom and the Constitution...

Hillary Clinton (and the Clintons in general). Hillary was recently interviewed and once again (surprise, surprise) that the rich don't pay enough in taxes regardless of country they live in and that we should be like Brazil which has the highest tax to GDP ratio in the world. What she doesn't tell you (like most scum liberals) is that Brazil has rampant, desperately poor people that live in squalor because they are forced to have most of their labor confiscated by the government. She also promoted massive expansions of government here and abroad and lecture the American people that we have to much and need to scale down our lives. And now we find out her thoroughly unattractive, silver-spooned daughter Chelsea is getting married to the tune of $5 million plus dollars in upstate Rhinbeck, NY. The citizens of this small town are going to be stuck paying for massive public safety expansion to promote security for the wedding. The Clintons, who are devoted leftists lecturing to us constantly, are spending $500,000 on flowers alone! Now let me be VERY CLEAR...I have NO PROBLEM anyone spending whatever they want on anything they want if they are spending their own money. What I (and most other Americans resent) is that these same people will lecture to us that we need to trim back our lives and that we must do with less as they get to live their charmed life on YOUR back! I say SCREW YOU and your hypocrisy Hillary and the rest of the elitist left.
Oh and by the way, Marc Mezvinsky (Chelsea's fiance) you had better take a long look at Hillary because you are looking at your soon-to-be wife 30 years from now!

Had enough yet???

Friday, July 23, 2010

Liberalism: The End of Charity

Have you ever considered some of the reasons why liberals love to grow government, confiscate wealth, and choke the life out of freedom and traditional values? Simple. By stealing your wealth and making government bigger and more intrusive, they multiply dependence to government, drain the drive and individual spirit to succeed and make your own way, and set up a permanent voting block that will ALWAYS vote themselves more benefits and freebies with other peoples' money.

Why do you think liberals hate religion and charity so much? Because it takes the power and control from them because YOU choose where to donate your money, time, and resources instead of THEM choosing how to spend your money. This is precisely why Obama is restricting and eliminating charitable deductions. Because the Scum's greedy, left wing utopia beast needs to be fed and you are just TO STUPID to know what is best for you and your family and you cannot be trusted with making charitable donations that are the most meaningful to you.

This fits perfectly into the Scum's belief in "collective salvation". An evil, twisted form of religion that leads him and other statists and Marxists to believe (or at least tell you that's why they are doing it) that for everyone to be "saved" we must all be equal--or at least equally miserable! That is of course, all of us EXCEPT them! Remember, Socialism is for the people, NOT the Socialists (thanks, Andrew Wilkow!).

The Scum and the left will not stop until they drive a stake in the heart of any charity and religion that does not meet their twisted world view. If you are truly charitable and/or religious at heart, you CANNOT support the Scum or any leftist policies. They are completely counter to what you claim to believe in your own heart and mind. Freedom and the freedom to choose or not choose is the only way for all to be lifted. Volunteerism NOT force is the only way to help and benefit the most number of people and causes that YOU wish to help. Just think of all the good you can do when you have the freedom AND resources to do so. Not having your resources stolen from you at the point of the IRS's gun, laundered in Washington, and redistributed to pet projects, groups and people that politicians deem worthy, and those that provide the most number of votes and power.

CNN, The Communist News Network, Promotes Government Crackdown on Bloggers!

The Scum Obama's left wing media today suggested that so-called anonymous bloggers like me need to be held accountable for "all the rotten things" we say.

What people like Kyra Phillips and John Roberts really want is to help The Scum silence his critics and the only "rotten people" that they are referring to of course are those of us on the right that DARE to criticize the Scum and his minions like Phillips, Roberts, and the rest of the media that will cover for his Marxism as much as they can.

Well, Miss Phillips and Mr. Roberts, let me say to you: You are both disgraceful, useless journalists who are nothing more than mouthpieces for the left and Hugo Chavez tactic loving statists who care nothing of the traditional values of most Americans and you enjoy watching the daily trampling the Constitution by the Scum Obama and the rest of the left in Congress.
Come and get me!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Open Letter To RINO Senator Lindsey Graham on his Support for Elena Kagan..

Dear Senator Graham:

Thanks Senator Graham for proving AGAIN that you are a fraud and disgrace to anything Constitutional and conservative in your vote for Elena Kagan.
You confirm what REAL TRUE conservatives have known about you for years. That is that you are a typical RINO/liberal/big government Republican who will stick his thumb in the eye of anyone with traditional conservative views.
Elena Kagan is wholly UNQUALIFIED to be on the Supreme Court. She will be a judicial activist and straight line Constitution-trampling rubber stamp for The Scum Barack Obama and your liberal friends in the Congress. She has NO experience as a judge and is basically an amateur liberal activist.
Her stances on the military should be enough for you to vote NO as you claim to be a big supporter of the US military. You obviously are nothing more than another military hater and apologist, like Kagan and Obama.
She will rubber stamp Obamacare if it makes it to SCOTUS-which it no doubt will and she is a firm supporter of slaughtering babies through her undying love for abortion. I hope you have a hard time rinsing the blood of the dead children she will be responsible for killing off of your hands, Senator!
You say elections have consequences and I would agree. BUT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTY TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION AND REFLECT THE VIEWS OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS by voting against ANYONE AND ANYTHING THAT VIOLATES THAT REGARDLESS OF THE ELECTION RESULTS. You simply have proven you have no regard or understanding of this simple fact and truth. You are a disgrace and I hope a REAL conservative beats you squarely for your past, present, and no doubt future encroachments on the Constitution!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Scum Obama's Abortion Sham is Unmasked!

In a sick, twisted "I-told-you-so", the baby-killing Scum Obama and the Devil Woman and lover of abortion and infanticide, Kathleen Sebelius, today approved Pennsylvania for $160 Million of YOUR MONEY to establish an insurance fund that WILL cover abortions. See article here:

To anyone with any intelligence, soul, and conscience, we knew the Stupak Amendment (named after Bart "Stupid" Stupak (D)) would not be enforceable based on the health care bill as it was passed. See this link of my blog from back in March discussing this point:

The Scum, Sebelius, and the rest of the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood knew this would be the result and are laughing all the way to the sink as they wash the blood off their hands from the children that will never be able to be born and grow up.

These are evil, dangerous people that MUST be stopped and this atrocity against life must be reveresed! I, as a person of good conscious, cannot allow MY money to go to the murder of babies and if you have a soul, neither should YOU!

Had enough yet??

Saturday, July 3, 2010

On This Fourth of July Weekend, See What Scum Liberals in Congress, The Scum Obama, and the Scums that Vote For Them Have in Store For You!

Just surfing the latest destruction of the United States news today, I thought you migt like to see what our liberal, Socialist government has in store for you in the coming months and years.

Thank you very much you ignorant, anti-American Marxists that vote for these people! You are NO friend of the USA and I hope you don't plan on celebrating the 4th of July this weekend because YOU are DIRCTLY responsible for the slow and painful death ourRepublic is suffering! Instead, you should be packing your bags for Cuba and Europe and singing the Soviet national anthem! What a disgrace!

First, from the Americans for Tax Reform website, some nice nuggets on the Democrat tax increaes via income tax and the Scum Obamacare. Gee, I thought there weren’t going to be any tax increases for people under $250k/year! Isn’t that what the Scum said multiple times during his campaign?? Well, like most dirty politicians, he is an outright liar and Chicago thug fraud that is to not be trusted.

And speaking of the Scum Obamacare, checkout these warm and fuzzy items on what this evil man’s health “reform” will mean to YOU!
All of you that thought preexisting conditions would be covered, umm, think again!

Can you say "Rationing" and "European style medicine?"

Scum liberals violate the Constitution and drive YOU deeper into the chasm of debt! These people should be hauled away in ankle chains!

The Scum's next baby-killing supporting,nanny-state enforcing, military hating, semi-female butch poised to ruin generations of Americans. Will Republicans have the balls to filibuster?? Don't hold your breath!

Did you know you live in the United States of Mexico?? A judge WILL allow Mexico to file a legal brief on the Arizona immigration law! Umm, I'm sorry, but when did outside countries have a say in our justice system?? Oh, that's right, when Scum liberals appoint scum liberal judges...

How sad is it that the Arizona governor has to start a website to raise money for her state to defend itself against its own Federal government??

The Scum's economic plan continues to work as planned! Drive more people out of the job market entirely so it looks like unemployment is down when it is actually MUCH worse! But don't worry, there is 100% employment in government!