Thomas Jefferson

"We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude...If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements...if we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."--Thomas Jefferson

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. "
--John Quincy Adams
US diplomat & politician (1767 - 1848)

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”
-James Madison at the Virginia Ratification Debates
"With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators."

- James Madison's Letter to James Robertson, April 20, 1831

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Loser Democrat Strategy: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Cheat 'em!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last several election cycles, you know that each cycle brings an ever increasing amount of voter fraud and intimidation by the extremists on the left as well as dirty tricks designed to disenfranchise voters to advance a political agenda.

In fact just now as I am writing this, reports out of Florida and from the mouth of the turncoat governor himself reveal that there has been a concerted effort by Bill Clinton and the White House to coerce Democrat Senate candidate Kendrick Meeks to drop out of the race and endorse the turncoat RINO/liberal Charlie Crist with the idea that Meeks voters would then back Crist and defeat Republican Marco Rubio. This is an incredibly slimy attempt especially when you consider nearly 2 million voters have already voted in Florida early voting! Typical Democrat dirty tricks! This only proves that Crist is a liberal in "Republican" clothing as he admits he has been corresponding with the Obama White House. Crist has always been a condescending, arrogant, elite S.O.B. and this seals the deal. If I were from the Meeks campaign, I would also ask this: Why should Meks drops out of the race Governor? Why do't YOU drop out and let YOUR supporters line up with Meeks? Of course Crist would NEVER consider that because he is like Lisa Murkowski in Alaska-a sore loser and someone who thinks he is entitled to that seat.

We have seen whirlwinds of reports from key battle ground states-especially blue states-where clear and obvious voter fraud is taking place. The most obvious one is in Nevada where Democrats control the County Commissioner's office which is in charge of the voting machines which are serviced by..........the SEIU--a powerful, massive leftist union totally in bed with Obama and Harry Reid! Reports are coming in about the screen already checked off for Harry Reid before voters even stand in front of the screen. Of course, the Clark County Registrar of Voters, a leftist, has "resolved the discrepancies"--YEAH RIGHT!

Another example, but in a red state, is in Alaska. Sore loser RINO Lisa Murkowski, the current sitting Republican Senator, who lost in the primary to Joe Miller has launched a write in campaign. Her numbers have surged in the polls as she has backing now from left wing unions, labor groups, and the elite establishment Republicans who love her RINO credentials.

These reports go on and on in other states like New York, Illinois, North Carolina, and Texas. In all cases, Democrat candidates have suspicious voting "glitches" working to their favor. Strange we hear no such reports about Republican candidates. And how about the thousands of military personnel serving overseas that will not get ballots in time to vote in key states like New York and Illinois. Perhaps it is just coincidence that these are blue states and that military members vote Republican 80% of the time?? Nah........

You can bet these reports will continue to explode over the coming days as the desperateness of the left to hold on to power will make them more brazen. What worries me is in most of these cases, if the left can cause commit enough fraud to make these races go to court and county officials to be decided, that they typically go to the Democrat candidate--Ala Al Franken in Minnesota in 2008. These close races are mainly in blue states with Democrat Secretary of States and Democrat friendly courts that will allow massive quantities of questionable of ballots to be counted and tip the election to the Dem candidate by JUST enough votes to get them over the top.

Remember, these people care nothing about the people that elect them but rather their hold on massive power and ability to control your whole life while they line their pockets with the profits of the policies they put into place...see Cap and Trade and Green schemes!

And the ultimate brazen proof of how deep this corruption runs comes this week courtesy of the ultra left 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled that Arizona's law requiring voters to provide proof of citizenship is unconstitutional opening the door to MASSIVE fraud and Illegal alien voting in Arizona--of course for Democrats that support their legalization and open borders. These judges should be tried with TREASON and REMOVED from their positions. This is beyond belief as a basic constitutional requirement for voting IS TO BE A CITIZEN!! The court said the Arizona law complicated the federal law which only requires that voters sign a form certifying that they are citizens under the penalty of perjury. Are you kidding me? Do you honestly think that law breakers here illegally would think twice about signing anything for a chance to vote themselves your money and citizenship for themselves and their whole disgusting family?? They are illegal--what do they care about our laws and sovereignty. But of course the court knows this and this ruling is just a way to further erode our national system for advancement of a sick, twisted political ideology.

We must turnout in MASSIVE numbers to overwhelm these frauds and cheaters on the left and make their sinister acts meaningless in the end. And if you live in one of these close districts or states, volunteer to be a poll watcher and continue to report these incidents to the authorities and watchdog groups. It is going to be a long night in many of these races and many will not be decided on Tuesday night. Stay vigilant, stay informed, stay engaged and VOTE!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As Obama Get More Desperate, His True Feelings Continue to Come Out...

The true conservatives and patriots in this country such as myself have known all along that we are hated by the left and have the targets, figuratively or literally, on our backs because we dare to challenge their massive abuse of power and reckless policies that are, by design, driving us into a new world order of Socialism, Communism, or whatever else you wish to call it.

We heard as candidate Obama referred to the non-elite degrade us as “bitter clingers”. We listen as numerous times he leaves out any reference to our “creator” when discussing our country’s founding and history. We have watched in this election cycle as he has become angrier by the day as his poll numbers and popularity sink because the country-including many Democrats- is rejecting his failed and dangerous views.
We have also heard from many inside-the-beltway- liberal Republicans hint that they would be willing to “work with Obama” should they win back the Congress and/or that Obama will be forced to move to the center and moderate his radical views. This foolish and short sighted notion is the whole reason we are in the trouble we are in now and why the groups like the Tea Party were born and flourish. And why we as patriotic, limited government citizens will DEMAND and HOLD ACCOUNTABLE these people if they think they will force “bi partisanship” and moderation with the devil that is Obama and the leftists.
And if you need any more proof, check out two new unscripted moments of Obama telegraphing what we knew all along—that this is a man that is an extreme, anti American radical that has no wish or desire to moderate and that the person who said he would bring the country together and eliminate the harsh rhetoric of Washington politics is in fact FAR worse than anything we have ever seen and is nothing but the community organizer and agitator that Saul Alinsky himself would be proud of! The first is The Scum on Univision speaking to the group that he thinks he can really anger divide to come out for him—Latinos.
The second is Obama with a racist reference showing is contempt for this country’s history and his view that we are an evil nation that “needs to pay” for its past wrongs.
This should put to rest any opinion from the left that we are speaking in hyperbole and that we are taking things “out of context”. This is a dangerous man. Imagine the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES saying that anyone who disagrees with him is an “enemy”. So comforting. What a uniter!!
As I have said, I have no great delusions that this election is going to fix our problems in this coutry. We are deep along the trail of destruction and the fix (if possible) will take decades to be done but we MUST start somewhere! So make sure you GO OUT AND VOTE next Tuesday for CONSERVATIVES and, if you must, Republicans as that first baby step. Please don’t forget to focus on your local and state races as well as these people are the first and last line of defense against a federal monster that we must have in place to maintain our Federalist form of government and live up to their 10th Amendment obligations.

Monday, October 25, 2010

ATTENTION CT VOTERS: Dan Malloy--The FRAUD of Connecticut!!

This posting is specifically for my friends and fellow residents in CT!!

Please see the 3 letters below from Stamford residents regarding the REAL record of Dan Malloy and please post this and pass it on to all Connecticut voters you may know!

Letter 1:

To the editor, Norwich Bulletin,

"Dan Malloy's claims of achievements as mayor of Stamford are very impressive - if they were only true. One such claim is that of lowering taxes.

During his 14 years of administration property taxes increased year after year, at an average of three times the inflation rate, to pay for frivolous, unnecessary projects. This placed an insurmountable burden on long time Stamford residents and elderly citizens who in many instances were forced to leave their beloved city, which they had helped to build over the years. Families were displaced and separated in the process, only to make way for transient residents who have no emotional ties to the city.

Malloy is a clever, consummate politician who has mastered the art of tweaking lies into facts. To our fellow State citizens, beware! He will do to Connecticut what he has done to Stamford.

A few years back when facing public condemnation over ever increasing taxes, he conveniently spun off the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority as an independent entity, in effect creating a new revenue stream through "fees". This move allowed him to slightly lower property taxes when in reality this move increased the financial burden on citizens.

The 2008 property reevaluation resulted in artificially high assessments just prior to the housing bubble burst. Even so, Mayor Malloy proposed a 7.9% increase in the tax rate before the Board of Finance lowered it to 2.5%, still high considering the high assessments. In fourteen years of Malloy’s administration taxes doubled. If his proposals had been accepted by the Board of Finance, they would have almost tripled.

It is an insult to many of us in Stamford whose quality of life has suffered during Mayor Malloy's tenure to be subjected to such lies. "

Bruno Valenzisi

Stamford resident


"To the editor,

Norwich Bulletin:

Gubernatorial candidate Dannel Malloy’s governing style should concern Connecticut voters. He is a perpetual campaigner; his decisions are based on the effect they have on his image; long term consequences are not considered.

In Stamford’s Leone Park a million dollars was spent on a state of the art baseball field, paid for with a twenty year bond. Three years later it was torn up to be replaced by an artificial turf field, then was left empty and fenced in for a year awaiting approval of the new field. The new field was paid for with another twenty year bond, although the turf’s life expectancy is ten years.

A half mile asphalt walkway was built in Mill River Park; the next year it was dug up for another project.

Stamford taxpayers unknowingly paid The Ferguson Group, a Washington lobbying firm, to create an image for Mr. Malloy as a “brownfields” expert. They arranged for him to give speeches; then drafted the speeches for him. They arranged for him to twice testify before the US Congress; then wrote his testimony for him.

His connection with other companies was similar. He hired Pareto Energy Ltd. to be Stamford’s consultant on all energy matters. Pareto recommended that the City Government Center have its own natural gas powered electrical generating plant, then “won” the bid to supply it. One of the reasons given was that Fairfield County did not have adequate electrical supply. The contract is for 20 years, during which time: (1) the plant will become obsolete, (2) the county shortage will have been solved; in fact Mr. Malloy promises to solve it, negating the need for the plant he tried to stick us with."

George Stadel


To the editor, CT Post:

"As Stamford taxpayers watching the gubernatorial debates we’re appalled by former Mayor Malloy’s claims of accomplishments in Stamford. As he likes to say “To be perfectly clear”:

He claims to have been the “education mayor”, yet the only influence a Stamford mayor has on education is as a non-voting member of the Stamford Board of Education. His influence apparently was not to the good, since Stamford’s achievement gap ranks among the worst in the state.

He does not favor privatizing government services, yet he privatized Stamford’s parks maintenance to his brother’s college roommate in a no-bid contract.

He favors budget transparency, yet he changed Stamford’s budget rules to bundle capital projects into single items so that the Boards of Finance and Representatives could not see where the money they had voted on would be spent.

He says Mr. Foley’s policies will result in higher local property taxes, yet, contrary to his claims, his spending on unnecessary projects doubled property tax in Stamford during his mayoralty.

He takes great pride in his pet project, the Stamford Urban Transit Way. Thus far it is more than a year behind schedule, over seven million dollars over budget and one of the most expensive per mile roads in the country. The situation is so bad that on October 20, the Board of Representatives Operations Committee unanimously condemned the management of the project by the Malloy team, which has caused untold damage to local businesses and has paralyzed traffic from significant residential areas; and the present mayor has suspended the second phase of the project pending a review of the problems.

Mr. Dannel “Let me Perfectly Clear” Malloy’s debating points have been slim on details but bloated with misinformation. Stamford residents know better. Connecticut residents are forewarned."

George Stadel

195 W. Broad St.

Stamford, CT 06902

Tel.: 203-961-0351

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How Wonderful Is Obamacare?? Oh, Let Me Count The Companies...

In yet another I told you so, the long list of companies announcing that they will be eliminating or paring back their employee health plans and insurance companies seeking substantial rate hikes is growing longer every week!

The latest company? BOEING! See the story here. And the latest insurance company? Blue Cross right here in my state of Connecticut.

None of this is a surprise to anyone with a clue on this disaster. The main reason given for the big changes? New lavish mandates that must be offered in these plans, elimination of pre existing condition clauses, and whiny little weasel children blood sucking off their parents insurance until they are 26 years old so they can stay in their underwear and play XBOX instead of going out and getting a job and a clue!

But have no fear, these are INTENDED consequences of Obamacare with the end goal of course to drive ALL private insurance out of business and force everyone into a one-size-fits-all single payer government plan as has been sought by the left for decades to dominate all aspects of your life and health and decide if you live or die!

REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!! (along with every other piece of trash passed by these America haters!)


As I wrote on October 7, the Obama administration would understate and hide from the REAL unemployment numbers. And as we head in to the last 2 weeks of the campaign and Obama and his drones focus on ridiculous themes such as blaming the VOTERS for his low poll numbers and calling us stupid and scared because we just don't understand the genius of the his Marxist agenda.

And now Gallup, hardly a right wing organization, has updated the mid October unemployment numbers to 10%!! Wow, so glad his great policies are finally making a positive impact--NOT!
But don't worry, I am sure it must be George Bush's fault!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Axelrod and Obama: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

As the battle for the Congress continues, the looming issue of the expiring Bush tax cuts and the AMT fix awaits as the #1 issue when Congress returns next month.

Of course ALL the tax cuts should be made PERMANENT and EXPANDED GREATLY along with of course MASSIVE entitlement cuts and role back of bureaucracy. This is the only long term fix for our economy and markets.

But yet we have Obama and adviser David Axelrod still clinging to the old, tired, class warfare game of tax cuts only for the "middle class" (a derogatory, Marx term by the way!) guaranteeing a showdown with Republicans in the lame duck session. Both of these mental midgets claiming that extending them would needlessly spiral the deficit, not stimulate the economy, and "cost to much" money.

Who do these idiots think they are fooling? Obama is worried about spending to much and blowing up the deficit?? Under his watch, it has gone up more than $1 TRILLION dollars a year and is expected to do so for the next 10 years and it his his philosophy, ideology, budget, policies, and WISH that cause the deficit to explode and tanking our country's economy. The massive expansion of the federal government and his radical hatred for this country in its current form is what drives Obama and all of the left.'

It is disingenuous and insulting to me and every other sane, educated citizen that this guy has the nerve to say giving you back YOUR OWN MONEY somehow is a bad thing and his continuing lie that tax cuts are a "Cost" for the government. No Mr. President, it is you and the bloated beast known as the Federal government and the massive expansion of bureaucracy and entitlements that have put us in this dangerous situation--much to your delight I am sure. And no Mr. President, not all "wealthy"people" are billionaires. Your "ceiling" on tax cuts is $250,000 a year. The last time I checked, $250k is NOT a billion! It is most often the income of a family living in a high cost of living area or a small business owner filing his income taxes under his/her own social security number. A business owner struggling to survive under an increasing crushing load of regulations and taxes and an unfriendly administration trying to snuff them out.

And if you think that ANYONE is safe from tax increases, think again! All of the spending and new, massive expansions of federal powers have already guaranteed taxes in one form or another on every citizen and the administration has said in the past that they would NOT rule out outright tax increases for EVERYONE.

Remember, we fought the Revolutionary War in part due to a 3% Tea Tax levied by the British Crown yet today we hand over 20,30, 40, 50% or more of our income and STILL we are told it is not enough and that we are greedy for wanting back what WE HAVE EARNED instead of having it stolen, laundered through Washington and used for unconstitutional purposes in an ever growing fashion.

One final thought, Obama and Axelrod are also rolling out the "mysterious campaign funding" tactic-trying to place doubt in fear in voters minds that Republicans are taking money from "foreign sources" and not disclosing where they are getting it. Again, pure hypocrisy as we see these stories. One from the 2008 Obama campaign and one from the current election cycle.

Again, classic Saul Alinsky tactics of divide and conquer, distract, and project your wrong doings onto your opponent because you have nothing else!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Chilean Miner Miracle: Obama Still Can't Compliment His Country and Capitalism

I am sure you watched with such great joy and happiness as I did when the last of those 33 miners and rescue workers were pulled from a half mile down potential tomb this week in Chile. The Chilean government had the foresight and dignity to reach out and ask for help from the United States and other countries to avert a human tragedy--unlike our boy-king Obama who refused help from numerous countries at the start of the BP oil spill resulting in far more damage, time, and money than if he had reached out and accepted help earlier and fuller.

And as usual, the United States stepped up with the resources to save the lives of those men. The drill bit and drill mechanism came from 2 companies in Pennsylvania. The engineers from NASA helped design the capsule that the men were transported back to the surface in and men were taken off the battlefield of Afghanistan to help run the machines and supervise the effort with the Chileans.

But Barack Hussein Obama never mentioned the PRIVATE companies that produced the drill bit and drill and their capitalist, profit making ventures that allowed such technology and products to exist in the first place! (perhaps because they were not recipients of Obama stimulus money or campaign contributors to Democrats??)

No, Obama could only thank government agencies in Chile and the United States. Maybe it was an oversight, but more likely was just a purposeful or sub conscious reaction from a man that so vehemently dislikes capitalism and private venture as he does.

If we had to rely on the government of either country to come up with a solution, the families in Chile would be planning memorial services and pointing the fingers of blame at each other over the deaths of the miners and in the US, Obama would use the tragedy to push for the destruction of the coal industry and the passage of the Cap and Tax, phony "green" bill and take away another part of our liberty and wealth and succeed in killing another industry while growing a new government bureaucracy.

Kids Often Speak The Hard Truth

I can't add anything else to this!!!! Pass it Around!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Is What We Were Afraid May Happen On Obamacare: Get Ready to NULLIFY!!

This article that appeared on shows exactly what we were afraid of and why the Tenth Amendment and Nullification may be our only way to stop this flagrant (in a series of MANY) un-Constitutional bill.

There are many more of these suits out there that will be heard and this one will be appealed. Either way, they will probably all end up in the Supreme Court someday but in the meantime Obama and the left can erect this massive bureaucracy in hopes of having its tentacles so in-grained into society that it cannot be undone.

The states MUST stand up and beat this back because we CANNOT count on the courts or the Republicans to do it for us. If your state won’t (as mine!), then you may want to consider moving to one that does.

The battle lines are drawn!

I am the State Chapter Coordinator for the Connecticut Tenth Amendment Center.

Wow, Big Surprise. The Scum Obama Administration Will UNDERSTATE the Unemployment Picture--Right Before an Election...

The Gallup company, hardly a right wing outlet--has put out a preview of the dim employment picture in the United States heading into the 4th quarter of the year and right before the election.

Although the Scum Obama administration will try to hide these bad results that, coupled with the report earlier this week that the private sector lost 39,000 more jobs in September, they cannot fool people into something we know has been true all along--that the Fabian/Cloward & Piven Socialists running this country are seeking to further unemployment and grow dependency so that the system collapses and they can rebuild a command and control economy as I have been saying all along.

Barack and the boys in DC will be doing high fives and back flips over this news as it accelerates and expedites the destruction of the US economy. The pieces are all in place for them so it will be up to the people to punch back and destroy their evil plans. November 2 is a small, first step but an important one to take.

Read this article and try not to throw up from the great news it contains!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beware of the AMT!! The Scum Obama Wants What Is Left In Your Pocket!!

ALERT!! Please see this article if you are a middle class taxpayer!! Your financial solvency may depend on it!! Contact your Congressmen and Senators immediately and tell them to apply the AMT patch IMMEDIATELY after returning to Congress!!

I fear we will not see this patch applied this year as the Scum Obama and the potential lame duck Congressional liberals may decide to plunge their Socialist daggers into your financial heart as payback and revenge for not reelecting them and recognizing their brilliance!

This patch has been applied every year for the last 9 years to this insidious tax-which should be REPEALED anyways- but I have little confidence it will get done this time. I am one of the 23 millions Americans that may very well get hit with this monster. Guard yourself and your family! Act NOW to stop the Scum and Marxists!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

America Again!! A great new grassroots organization to reign in the Feds...

I won't type much on this, but you should go to this website and get involved! It is a fascinating organization with a revolutionary approach to slaying the Federal beast!!

Obama: From Cloward and Piven to Fabian Socialism

Last week I posted information on the Cloward and Piven strategy that Obama is following. But to continue to understand this philosophy and where it comes from you have to understand that Obama is actually a Fabian Socialist.

Fabian Socialism has its roots in 19th century England and is basically a strategy to employ and in grain Socialism GRADUALLY over many years instead of in a revolutionary violent attempt that they know would likely be rejected and defeated. It is more sinister and dangerous because it happens incrementally and becomes a cancer intertwined into our society.

This type of Socialism is the type that brings you government run health care with inevitable rationing and death panels for both the very young, the old, and the sick, the deranged and twisted Green movement people, and on and on.

This is a long radio transcript from an expert on Fabian Socialism and Obama. It also ties in many in the Congress who are part of this evil group as well and proves how in trenched this group can become.

And this is a shorter article in Forbes from a man who lived this nightmare with a Fabian father.

Again, the point of these postings is not to sound crazy and create conspiracy theories, but rather to let you connect the dots yourself and take seemingly unrelated items and put them together so you are informed and can begin to join together to destroy and beat back these events. Don' t EVER make the mistake of saying "oh that can't happen here..." . Because it CAN and IS happening right in front of your face! They must be pushed back and defeated or our nation is DEAD! It may already be to late, but I pray not.

But putting your head in the sand will not make it go away, it just makes it so you won't see them when they come for your life and freedom!