Thomas Jefferson

"We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude...If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements...if we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."--Thomas Jefferson

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. "
--John Quincy Adams
US diplomat & politician (1767 - 1848)

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”
-James Madison at the Virginia Ratification Debates
"With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators."

- James Madison's Letter to James Robertson, April 20, 1831

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Can This Be??

How can it be that the only American car company reporting a profit is doing so without being nationalized by King Barry??

This should be one of the most stunning blows to the failure and inadequacy of Obamanomics and the outright unnecessary intrusion of government into the private sector.

I can imagine in the Obama war room right now that they are steaming and scrambling to try and spin this to their favor especially after we got a 70 minute diatribe last night about how wonderful government intrusion and largesse are for our Republic.

Of course King Barry does not like to be shown up or his programs put down so expect some not-so-obvious but none the less destructive retribution and punishment to befall the management at Ford Motor Company sometime in the near future.

After all, prosperity and good fortune cannot be allowed to flourish in the age of Obama unless of course it comes from The One himself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

King Barry’s Non-State of the Union

I did not hear a State of the Union speech that our Founding Father's such as Thomas Jefferson would have given in which they state how our country is growing and proceeding according to the strict Constitutional limits and Bill of Rights. (I would definitely recommend that you read the speech in the above link and contrast and compare King Barry’s Marxist speech vs. what a true Patriot sounds like!!)

What I heard was a mindless, wandering, and at times angry speech by someone who has never stopped campaigning, who blames the problems of today on previous administrations, advocates for ever increasing nanny state control and massive new bureaucracies and spending, a checklist of government give aways designed to sure up a voting block and increase dependency, a promise to push the United States into a one-world global collective society by means such as global warming policy, arms control, and economic bailouts of other countries that will put the final nail in our own economy and sovereignty.

Barry kept his hard left agenda firmly in place and his anger and threatening streak and tone boiled to the surface many times. The most blatant was when he scolded the Supreme Court’s decision last week to strike down main parts of McCain/Feingold while the members of the Court sat right in front of him. Not only is that a lie as John Tabin points out but it was highly inappropriate and disrespectful and sets a bullying tone and shows him to be the dictator wanna-be that he is.

This President is and always will be a hard left radical with a plan to reshape America into his Socialist vision by any means necessary whether that includes smooth talking “Hope and Change” speeches that are hollow and meaningless or back -room Chicago style arm twisting and outright lying and bullying.

This President despises the limits places on our Government by the enumerated powers of the Constitution and make no mistake that he and all liberals on both sides of the aisle will not obey these limits and will only quote the Constitution when it suits their twisted agenda and be damned the rest of America.

How dare he compare the problems of today—created by the evil of big out of control government liberalism and hyper spending-- to the challenges and problems that faced our country’s founding over 200 years ago. This is an enormous insult and outright degrading of the great men who sacrificed untold treasure and blood to give him the right to stand at that podium and endorse and support policies that will destroy what they envisioned.

Most of what he said was platitudes and dull “feel good” applause lines designed to appeal to the so-called Independents and moderates in our country that will only listen to the platitudes and bumper sticker phrases that liberals will quote after tonight. But when he was specific on policy, I shuttered and grew angry at his basic lack of knowledge of what makes economies truly grow and prosper and how he insists on inserting ever greater roles of government and therefore taxation and regulation into our lives all while he continually stomps on the limits of the power vested in the government by the Constitution. Towards the end of the speech he threw out vague, general ideas of even greater government control and sent up warning flags to true Conservatives about even more violations of the Constitution yet to come from King Barry.

Republicans and Conservatives in office need to be VERY SURE that they do not get sucked into Obama’s request to “work together” to create the Marxist change that Obama seeks. They need to remain hard and fast “obstructionists” on ALL policies that he is proposing NOT for the sake of obstructing but because that is their Constitutional obligation and duty to do so! I believe most Americans will support such moves as recent elections and polls are suggesting.

This is a President and majority party in total denial and defiance of the will of the citizens of this country. It is time we wake them up!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Barry Shell Game and The Spending Freeze Fraud

Have you ever visited a big city such as New York? If so, you have probably wandered upon those street corner hustlers and dealers that want you to play their shell game. They promise you a prize hidden under one of the shells if you can follow the quick hands of the the hustler as he rapidly moves around several shells on the table in a random pattern. Of course you never actually get the prize as the hustler would quickly be exposed and bankrupted if he lost this fixed game. Well that is what Obama is: a street hustler playing a magical shell game with your money and our country's future, both are fixed so that the "house" always wins and YOU always lose.

The latest installment? Obama is going to try to fool more Obama-bots and other mass uneducated and uninformed citizens that he has suddenly become a fiscal hawk by announcing a 3 year spending freeze on select government programs in future budgets. Sounds great if you are such a misinformed Obama sycophant but it is pure illusion and proves again the pure evil and danger that liberalism in the age of Obama represents to our great republic.

Here are some of the inconvenient truths (thanks Al Gore!) about this false epiphany of Obama-nomics:

1. Obama and his big government whores in Congress have already gorged themselves on deficit spending in the last fiscal year and the current one increasing discretionary funding by over $150 BILLION dollars and raising the debt ceiling by over $1 TRILLION dollars TWICE already. So when Obama says that we will lower spending by $15-$20 Billion a year, that falls to a very hollow sound and deaf ears of most sensible people that know it is the equivalent of closing the barn door after the horse escapes or your slimy retailer that takes a steep mark up on an item just to mark it down and put it "on sale".

2. Most of the budget items that would be frozen, had already received 50% increases in their budgets last year. See comment one...

3. Only about 1/6th of the overall budget would be affected by the freeze. Here are some of the items that won't be cut and of course without cutting these programs, all others are simply window dressing and meaningless:
Social Security
Iraq and Afghanistan wars
All stimulus spending projects
The disasterous health care bill--if it passes

4. Punk hustler Barry also railed numerous times during the campaign against John McCain that he opposed such spending cuts and favored more "surgical" cuts. Normally, this would be a broken campaign promise I would support, but as I already mentioned, this is a complete joke and waste of time. Obama is a radical big government liberal who will NEVER engage in true trimming of the federal beast that needs to be done to save our future. This is simply a populist game he is playing to try to get back into the good graces of the people who may have originally supported him but have now begun to abandon him in droves--as we have seen in Massachusetts last week-- a pure Chicago thug tactic that I believe will fail miserably as the aura of Hope and Change continue to unravel.

The non-State of the Union speech tomorrow will be the culmination of the last 12 months of propaganda as Barry will try to spin his gross failures into successes and I can't wait to skewer all of his lies and spin that we will no doubt hear!

Next posting: Details of a plan for Pelosi and Reid to still shove socialized medicine down your throat in a classic shell game move that will cause a massive revolt against Democrats if they try this underhanded tactic...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Are Liberal Spin-Masters In Denial, Are They That Stupid, or That Sinister? … And The Obama Money Shell Game.

How’s that Hope and Change working out for you Obama-bot zombies? Well here is the latest B.S. spin from Barry and his dirty propagandists on the “success” of the stimulus spending.

Remember, they promised unemployment would not go above 8% and that “millions” of jobs would be “saved or created” (a phrase that could only be created by a Washington focus group!). Unemployment is now over 10%, and is actually over 16% when you include people who have stopped looking or no longer collecting benefits. The Obama plan of tearing down the economy so he can rebuild it as a Socialist economy is proceeding exactly as planned!

The spin masters, David Axelrod-a man of pure evil, Valerie Jarrett—a woman who helped write the book on the Chicago style thug politics and propaganda, and Robert Gibbs—White House Press Secretary and one the dumbest humans on the face of the planet went on the Sunday shows to tout stimulus success. The only problem is that they didn’t sync their talking points! Gibbs said it was 1.5 million saved or created, Jarrett said “thousands and thousands”, and Axelrod 2 million. Obama also said it was 2 million which doesn’t surprise me because Axelrod and Obama are soul mates and attached at the hips philosophically and otherwise.

Yet the truth is that the net job picture is MINUS 3 Million jobs since the stimulus was passed and now these clueless idiots are actually talking about a second stimulus?? Umm, I don’t think so!!

Gibbs and Obama also drank some liberal Kool Aid and then went on TV to try and convince us that not only was the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts not a referendum on Obama Care and other policies, but that it actually was a vote in SUPPORT for Obama because it supposedly proves that Americans are upset because Washington isn’t getting anything done! Oh and by the way, it’s all Bush’s fault! Yeah ok, smoke another one Barry and Bobby! Do you think we are as dumb as you are??

So to answer the original question posed in the title of this posting?? I would say all of the above!

Check back tomorrow on the details of the "Shell Game" and more Barry double speak...
And get ready for the ultimate spin and lies on Wednesday as Obama gives his non-State of the Union speech...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


9:41 p.m. EST

Scott Brown has officially been declared the winner of the Massachusetts special Senate election over Martha Coakley by 6 or 7 points! And while it remains to be seen if Scott Brown lives up to his hype and is a true Conservative and Independent mind as he claims, we will sit back and celebrate at least for tonight that the people in this country (and specifically Massachusetts) have not totally lost their minds and do not buy into the false hope of big government and Socialist policies that Obama and the libs thought we were all ripe for in 2008.

It is appropriate that our original Revolution was sparked in Massachusetts by the Boston Tea Party in the 1700's and now the same state is going to be the spark for hopefully another one to stop liberal madness in the form of Barry Hussein Obama-Care and other massive, Marxist policies that threaten to send us down a dark financial chasm that we could never dig out of.

The amazing thing is that this has happened in one of the bluest states and a seat held by the Kennedy's for over 50 years! The shock waves will reverberate for months to come and will surely shape policy going forward and helping put the brakes on the Obama/Pelosi/Reid and the madness going on in the cesspool of Washington DC that BOTH parties have played a part in.

Now the real story to watch after tonite will be what the Democrats do with Obama Care now?? Will they try to ram it through with some trick procedural vote or other manipulation of the rules and ignore the mandate and polls of the American voters who CLEARLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY REJECT OBAMA CARE!! And the methods by which it is being pushed by these corrupt, evil people who know nothing except power and control.

John Kerry, the senior liberal Marxist senator from Mass., is now the center of attention. His state has clearly spoken out on Obama Care, which is the main reason Brown won and Coakley lost. So will he ignore the mandate and go with the other Communists in Washington in pushing this disaster on us, or will he (and others) take a step back and rethink their support for this bill for the sake of our country and our future--if not for at least their own political future?? That remains to be seen but I don't hold out much hope for that as these Marxists and Statists have doubled down and bet everything on this bill and their political capital account is quickly drying up.

So here is your warning Democrats and liberals... If you continue down this path of unfettered support of spending policies and bills that are clearly harmful to this country, threaten our futures, and rejected by Americans that care about liberty and freedom then you have not seen ANYTHING yet! The true revolution and protests in the street will consume you in a tidal wave and the patriots in this country will not be silenced or stopped. The Tea Party movement is just getting going in its infancy stage and will wash out liberal (and Republican) excess and hopefully begin the slow path of stripping power from Washington DC by inserting candidates that will work towards the goal of breaking down the leviathan (thank you Mike Church) and beast that is the federal government.

Do not let us down you Republicans (and that means you too, Scott Brown)!! Take this night to heart and know that if you stand on Conservative values and limited government as our Founders envisioned, you will be embraced and raised up by most Americans as Massachusetts proved tonite. But if you continue on the Democrat-light policies you have lived by since the late 1990's, you too will be swept away and replaced with true patriots. There will be no compromise and you have ALL been placed on notice!!

God Bless America!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicago Thug Politics, Cockroaches, and Ooze: A Liberal Fantasy!

The union thugs from the UAW, AFL-CIO and others crawled out of their primordial ooze this week and met in a secret, late night, and closed door meeting with the cockroach (because they only do things secretly away from the light of the public like the cowards and Marxists they are) liberal Congressional leaders along with the king roach--Barry Obama to strike another clearly unethical, illegal, and un-Constitutional "deal" on health care reform which will exempt union employees from paying the added tax on so-called Cadillac health insurance plans until at least 2017! And who will pick up the added cost and the reduced "benefits" of this back room deal?? Why, the rest of us non-union people of course!! The White House phrased this as "common sense adjustments"
This is Chicago thug politics at its best and proves once again that we are being managed by radical Marxists who care nothing about the vast majority of Americans who do not belong to unions and are certainly against ObamaCare.

And have you considered why the Congress is going to penalize people that have so-called Cadillac plans in the first place? I thought the goal was to provide the maximum coverage to all Americans? They should be praising and encouraging such solid plans because they keep people off the government role and encourage better health care which would ultimately lower costs for all. Also, it is none of their damn business what plan any one person chooses or doesn't choose! Of course as I have said many times the goal of all liberal policies is to not to help raise up those on the bottom, but rather to pull down those from the middle and top and make everyone "equal" and equally miserable! All in an effort to control as much of our lives as possible, make us totally dependent on them, and secure themselves a seat at the table of power that we will never get. As they will always do, they will penalize and discourage success and encourage dependency and despair--the ultimate nanny state where everyone is a dull shade of gray with no individuality and no reason to strive to be their best.

Democrats in Congress are now in a hurry-up offense to try to work out the remaining differences in the bills ASAP especially due to the fact that Martha Coakley--the Nancy Pelosi wanna be-- may lose the special Senate election for Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts next week. This would be a stunning defeat for Democrats and would all but doom ObamaCare and these roaches will not allow that to happen. In fact in a stunning admission and slap in the face to our freedoms and the Massachusetts electorate, the Mass. Secretary of State has already said that he would delay certifying the election results if it looks like Scott Brown is going to win in order to keep the temporary Marxist Paul Kirk in place to guarantee the passage of the bill before Brown is seated! Totally outrageous but, again, typical Chicago politics at its best.

That is why we must get out the Raid and rid ourselves of these roaches before they consume what is left of our prosperity!!

And now Uncle Barry has announced a new "tax" on the banks in order to get back the so-called TARP money they borrowed. While I do not totally excuse the banks from blame, it is clearly the Congress's failure and policies that lead to the banking crisis in the first place. By requiring loose credit and lending policies for many years to people and businesses that should have never been given this credit. And now in a purely populist and class-envy rant right out of the playbook of 60's radical Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) where Alinsky lays out perfectly the plan Obama is now executing which is demonizing the banks against the people and channeling the populist anger against them instead of where is should be directed which is at Obama!

And their are other clever inconveniences with these announcements as well:
1. The fact is most of the TARP money has already been paid back.
2. Only about a third of it was ever spent--the rest of course will be used as a Democrat slush fund to buy more votes and power. And why isn't GM/GMAC or Chrysler required to pay this tax?? We lent them billions and neither has paid any back! Can you say "union payback"?? See health care posting above to understand that connection...!!
3. The Obama administration has said that ALL banks, whether they took some of this money or not, may have to participate in this tax! So if your local community bank has done business correctly and didn't take TARP money--it doesn't matter, Barry is coming to shake you down too! You know, because we are all just one big collective utopia society and in this together...
4. Barry says that the banks should use their profits and bonuses to pay this tax, not just pass it on to customers in the form of higher fees and rates even though he knows damn well that is exactly what they will do. Therefore this is just another tax on the people, corporate fascism at its best just the way libs like it!
5. Imposing such penalties also will shunt economic recovery and dry up lending even more. This will lead to more government intervention requiring banks to make bad lending decisions again in order to "spur the economy" and will just repeat the cycle of failings, economic disaster, more regulation, more taxation, more bailouts, and misery all over again. This of course is the ultimate goal of Obama--to totally destroy the psyche of the public and bring the economy down totally so he can then rebuild it as a Socialist mecca all while blaming big business and stoking the flames of class envy as all dictators do. (see Hugo Chavez)
6. Obama has said he is doing this to make "taxpayers whole". What a freaking joke and lie! If he was at all interested in doing that he would be reversing course 180 degrees on everything he does and believes and strip government of its power and bureaucracy. The dead opposite is true---Obama is a radical ,and again from Alinsky, you must divide the public, stoke their anger and increase their fears. Then and only then will they be open to a radical shift of their lives and stripping down of the institutions that have made us great for over 200 years--the centerpiece of which, and the main target of radicals, is Capitalism. Just look at the poll that came out this week stating that most voters who voted for Obama last year would NOT vote for him now just a year later. Obama said that his goal would be to bring the country together in 2010 to reverse this course. I thought you were going to do that in 2009 Barry?? Another bold faced lie. The plan is proceeding as exactly as designed--divide then conquer!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Fall of the Republic???

Check out this article in Bloomberg! It only adds more depressing news to the fire. That is that scum liberal economic policies are doing exactly what they are intended to do—kill the US economy and chase people out of the work force which leads to an UNDERSTATED employment rate!

Thank you all you left wing Marxist Obama supporters for putting the knife into the heart of our country by electing a dangerous, unqualified, and radical leftist in Barry Hussein Obama!

In case you missed yesterday’s unemployment numbers, the US economy lost another 85,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate remains at 10% (the true unemployment rate is more like 17% or more when you include the self employed and those who have given up looking). Amazingly, the “experts” were surprised at the worse-than-expected report. But anyone that has any intelligence and has been watching the evolution of the Obama administration, none of this is at all surprising. The plan that Barry Hussein Obama, the corporate fascists, and international interests/governments have—which is the total destruction of the United States as we know it now and then be rebuilt as a new world order where we will become slaves and cogs in a one-world government powerless against the forces that have sucked all of the wealth away from the masses and relocate it to the mega-world corporations—is exactly on track and proceeding as planned.

Barry has no interest in putting anyone back to work and in fact this is just the tip of the iceberg for what is in store for all of us if these maniacal people are not stopped.

All the pieces are coming together as I have chronicled many time in the past:
--Corporate takeovers
-- Nationalization of large banks and insurance companies
-- Massive government wealth redistribution and worthless cash infusion into the economy that will lead to massive inflation and then deflation and only cause more unemployment, economic contraction, and depression.
-- Government takeover of health care.
--Cap and Trade proposals and unconstitutional environmental regulations designed to kill the engine of the American economy.
--Illegal immigrant amnesty still to come to make us a third world country and secure a permanent voting block for socialists.
-- The eventual push to disarm Americans and ignore the Second Amendment.
--Rolling over to terrorists, appointing them lawyers and show trials in our own country while we put our own military personnel and intelligence officers on trial for doing their job and protecting our homeland.

And the list goes on and on. This is but a small list of the sinister plans of Barack Hussein Obama and the one-world hucksters at the UN and elsewhere.

In addition to my writings and others, I strongly suggest you watch the following two presentations when you have the time. Each is about 2 hours long. They are tough to watch and very disturbing but it ties together many of the things we have been warning about and what we can expect if we don’t stand up and come together NOW. We cannot wait and cannot rely on supposed Republicans to save us. Our Founding Fathers knew when they wrote the documents of our government what evil men were capable of and would do if they were given a chance. They also gave us the power to fight back and means to beat back the forces that face us now. Why do you think Obama and the liberals hate our Constitution and Declaration so much? Because they know it is the one thing we have to stop them. So they will twist it and ignore as they see fit in order to achieve their goals and reset the world and our country according to their twisted and sick plans. Watch these, get educated, get involved and be ready to do what is necessary to defend your country from the forces of evil that are on the march today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Out of Control Government Tid Bits....

Like you needed anymore reason to be afraid of our out-of-control, bloated, corrupt, and mainly un-Constitutional Federal Government that needs to be stripped of its power and money to be stopped here are a few entries for your consideration:

1. CIA Chief Leon Panetta, a former Clinton hack with NO intelligence experience, has reactivated an old program scrapped under GW Bush that spends money and directs resources of manpower and satellites AWAY from intelligence and national security and instead is using them to monitor climate change--which as I have talked about many times is a COMPLETE HOAX. I hope your family feels extra secure tonight that the "eyes" of our intelligence may miss a security threat as they are instead focused on phony junk science.

2. Our esteemed Attorney General Eric Holder, whose mustache makes him look like a relic from a 1970's soul band (come to think of it, that's about all I would trust him to lead), is going to cost the American taxpayer $200 Million dollars/ PER YEAR for the show trial of Khalid SheikhMohammed and other terrorist animals in New York City all in an effort to knock down American sovereignty and make us appear weak and a laughing stock to the other scum of the Earth jihadi's around the world.

3. NPR (National Public Radio, a PUBLICLY funded radio and TV network has come out with a video mocking patriotic Americans who attend tea parties as radical, paranoid, and ignorant"
All funding should be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from this liberal, un-American group masquerading as a news source.

4. The cesspool of Washington DC and the inhabitants that control it are beginning to show their hand on how they intend to smash government run health care down your throats. How? Well we have already seen the outright payoffs to Senators like Ben Nelson and Mary "baby fat" Landrieu. Next will come the payoffs to unions for their support of liberals by inserting "carve outs" that exempt their viable health plans from extra taxation and taxpayers will bailout and prop up the failing ones. Also, they are suggesting that they will bypass the normal reconciliation process between the House and Senate bill, lock out Republicans entirely from the process, and make more smoke filled, back room deals to get the support they need for this disaster. These people have to do this in the shadows because they know they would never get this bill passed because the public would never allow it. I will add that liberal Congress people must also be part cockroach, because they hide their actions from the light of day and scatter out of sight when the sun is shined on what they are doing in those back rooms.
And Barack "Barry" Hussein Obama is also proving again why is the liar-in Chief as he breaks yet another campaign promise that he made at least 4 times during the campaign that health care "debate" would be completely open and transparent and the discussions and negotiations broadcast on CSPAN for all to see. They are of course pulling back from that and instead there will be just secret meetings, a quick process, and a ram-rod vote before anyone knows what happened. These are makings of a banana republic!
This bill creates the largest government bureaucracy ever that will kill the best health care delivery system in the world and MASSIVELY raise taxes on EVERYONE--including you in the middle class that voted for Obama to try to get more freebies from the government after they steal it from those evil rich people...

My advice, get a fire arm license, gun up, and find a local militia to join because someday soon I fear this house of cards is going to come tumbling down and you must be prepared to protect your life and family against the anarchy and chaos the policies of these people will ultimately cause all of us!