Thomas Jefferson

"We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude...If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements...if we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."--Thomas Jefferson

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. "
--John Quincy Adams
US diplomat & politician (1767 - 1848)

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”
-James Madison at the Virginia Ratification Debates
"With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators."

- James Madison's Letter to James Robertson, April 20, 1831

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Barry Shell Game and The Spending Freeze Fraud

Have you ever visited a big city such as New York? If so, you have probably wandered upon those street corner hustlers and dealers that want you to play their shell game. They promise you a prize hidden under one of the shells if you can follow the quick hands of the the hustler as he rapidly moves around several shells on the table in a random pattern. Of course you never actually get the prize as the hustler would quickly be exposed and bankrupted if he lost this fixed game. Well that is what Obama is: a street hustler playing a magical shell game with your money and our country's future, both are fixed so that the "house" always wins and YOU always lose.

The latest installment? Obama is going to try to fool more Obama-bots and other mass uneducated and uninformed citizens that he has suddenly become a fiscal hawk by announcing a 3 year spending freeze on select government programs in future budgets. Sounds great if you are such a misinformed Obama sycophant but it is pure illusion and proves again the pure evil and danger that liberalism in the age of Obama represents to our great republic.

Here are some of the inconvenient truths (thanks Al Gore!) about this false epiphany of Obama-nomics:

1. Obama and his big government whores in Congress have already gorged themselves on deficit spending in the last fiscal year and the current one increasing discretionary funding by over $150 BILLION dollars and raising the debt ceiling by over $1 TRILLION dollars TWICE already. So when Obama says that we will lower spending by $15-$20 Billion a year, that falls to a very hollow sound and deaf ears of most sensible people that know it is the equivalent of closing the barn door after the horse escapes or your slimy retailer that takes a steep mark up on an item just to mark it down and put it "on sale".

2. Most of the budget items that would be frozen, had already received 50% increases in their budgets last year. See comment one...

3. Only about 1/6th of the overall budget would be affected by the freeze. Here are some of the items that won't be cut and of course without cutting these programs, all others are simply window dressing and meaningless:
Social Security
Iraq and Afghanistan wars
All stimulus spending projects
The disasterous health care bill--if it passes

4. Punk hustler Barry also railed numerous times during the campaign against John McCain that he opposed such spending cuts and favored more "surgical" cuts. Normally, this would be a broken campaign promise I would support, but as I already mentioned, this is a complete joke and waste of time. Obama is a radical big government liberal who will NEVER engage in true trimming of the federal beast that needs to be done to save our future. This is simply a populist game he is playing to try to get back into the good graces of the people who may have originally supported him but have now begun to abandon him in droves--as we have seen in Massachusetts last week-- a pure Chicago thug tactic that I believe will fail miserably as the aura of Hope and Change continue to unravel.

The non-State of the Union speech tomorrow will be the culmination of the last 12 months of propaganda as Barry will try to spin his gross failures into successes and I can't wait to skewer all of his lies and spin that we will no doubt hear!

Next posting: Details of a plan for Pelosi and Reid to still shove socialized medicine down your throat in a classic shell game move that will cause a massive revolt against Democrats if they try this underhanded tactic...

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