Thomas Jefferson

"We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude...If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements...if we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."--Thomas Jefferson

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. "
--John Quincy Adams
US diplomat & politician (1767 - 1848)

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”
-James Madison at the Virginia Ratification Debates
"With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators."

- James Madison's Letter to James Robertson, April 20, 1831

Friday, July 30, 2010

The REAL Story behind Pete King and Anthony Weiner's Spat!

Republican Congressman Pete King and Democrat Anthony Weiner both of New York have been engaging in verbal tirades with each other since yesterday regarding a bill in Congress that proposes to pay billions to 9-11 first responders and their families who have suffered health problems as a result of their service at Ground Zero.
The bill failed in the House because the Dems were requiring a 2/3rds vote on it, they claim, to keep Republicans from inserting “add-on” provisions that the Dems didn’t want. Because of this 2/3rds requirement was not met, the bill failed. Now the finger pointing has begun and is quite sickening!
This debacle simply is another shining example of liberal social policy coming back to bite people that REALLY need this assistance. The whole reason this bill is being proposed is because the State of New York, like many others, is BROKE mainly due to the liberal institutionalized welfare and social programs that have sucked the state coffers dry by expanding social programs and giving an ever larger piece of the labor of New Yorkers to groups of people who live off the system and contribute NOTHING to society! This is PURE EVIL LIBERALISM gone awry!
This issue SHOULD be handles and PAID for by the city and state of New York and NOT passed on to the citizens of the other 49 states who would forced to have billions more debt added to the their children and grandchildren’s necks because of the ineptitude, ignorance, and short sightedness of bloated big government welfare programs in New York! We are being asked to print more useless money and borrow more from the Chinese to bail out yet another special interest group—and I don’t mean the 9-11 responders, but rather the parasites that leach off the system and live on the backs of hard working New Yorkers through endless welfare and social programs. This is a shiny sample and microcosm of what is happening all over this country and in Washington and it is disgusting! It is the same as recklessly spending all of your own money on frivolous luxury items and then when your furnace goes, you don't have the money to replace it and instead have to borrow it.
If Mayor Bloomberg and/or Governor Patterson had ANY GUTS at all they would IMMEDIATELY issue executive orders HALTING the funding of useless social spending and instead direct that money to a fund for these TRULY needy first responders and GET THIS DONE NOW! But I won’t hold my breath because liberals and big government will NEVER do with less-but will force all of us to suffer for the consequences of their dangerous policies and vote pandering.
But instead we play politics and refuse to trim the welfare state down that is killing our country at all levels and mean while these brave men and women and their families suffer for it!
What a disgrace! When will we realize the liberalism is a FAILURE? How many people will suffer under the thumb of the very people who claim to be looking out for them?

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